Handtmann exhibition stand 2020

Whether on the road with your smartphone or comfortably from home. Visit our Handtmann exhibition stand digitally this year! In 2021 we look forward to welcoming you again personally at the Drinktec in Munich.

1. Controlled Stabilization System (CSS) / CSS system for beer stabilization

The automatic CSS stabilization system is based on the targeted adsorption of polyphenols, thus ensuring gentle and extremely effective beer stabilization. The system can be easily integrated into any filter line. The stabilizing agent always remains in the system and can be regenerated over several years without loss. Thus, the preparation and dosing of a suspension before each filtration is unnecessary. Go to product page: https://www.handtmann.de/en/process-technology/products-services/filtration-separation/beer-stabilization-css/

2. Tank dome cap with safety relief valve, vaccum valve, cleaning-air-valve-combination (RLV)

A modular, mechanical platform for easy combination of different functional fittings such as spring-loaded and weight-loaded safety valves, spring-loaded and weight-loaded vacuum valves and cleaning-air valve combinations (RLV). Go to product page: https://www.handtmann.de/en/process-technology/products-services/components-valves/tank-dome-caps/

3. Pipe fence element for yeast management

Pre-assembled pipe fence element with built-in Hygienic Vario Air aeration nozzle and automatic tank pressure control. Developed for a gentle yeast treatment. Especially suitable for yeast propagation and yeast storage tanks. Go to product page: https://www.handtmann.de/en/process-technology/products-services/process-technology/piping-systems/

4. Radial Flow Column (RFC) / RFC column- adsorption technology 

Large industrial, innovative chromatography processes in biotechnology and in "functional food applications" such as lactoferrin extraction can be realized with Handtmann RFC columns, with high savings potential. Go to product page: https://www.handtmann.de/en/process-technology/products-services/filtration-separation/adsorption-technology-rfc/

5. Hop 2 Top / Dry Hopping System

The Hop 2 Top hop dosing system together with the Handtmann Injector System ensures gentle and continuous transport of hop pellets into the fermentation tank. Go to the youtube explanation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG9O_25_fYE

6. Valve block with double-seat valve type 491

Valve blocks form the interface between different piping systems, they guarantee the safe separation and distribution of the different media. Double-seat valves are used when high microbiological safety is required, loss-free switching operations are necessary and high demands are made on cleaning. Go to product page: https://www.handtmann.de/en/process-technology/products-services/components-valves/double-seat-valves/

7. Tank dome cap with safety relief valves in different designs

Safety valves are used to protect pressurized, closed containers or systems, especially in hygienically critical processes. Go to product page: https://www.handtmann.de/en/process-technology/products-services/components-valves/safety-relief-valves/