Technology for the extraction of high purity lactoferrin is currently being installed

In the course of sales activities in the area of radial flow columns and through recommendations from existing customers, Handtmann Armaturenfabrik was able to acquire another new customer in the dairy sector.

The customer Mercurius Production, which has entered into a partnership with Milchwerke Schwaben eG in Neu-Ulm, previously used an axial column for lactoferrin extraction. The existing axial column proved to be unsuitable for lactoferrin extraction due to increasing process back pressure, performance weaknesses and a not very stable design. At the request of Mercurius Production, Handtmann presented a solution and a simple integration of the Handtmann radial flow column. The customer was convinced of the advantages of the Handtmann radial flow column and successful trials were carried out at Milchwerke Schwaben eG with the Handtmann RFC pilot system (RFC = Radial Flow Column). All problems with the existing axial column were solved by the Handtmann radial flow column and the order was then received by Handtmann. The adsorber material was packed into the Handtmann radial flow column in Biberach, which is now being installed at the customer's site.

Further joint projects are planned

Mercurius Production, based in Frankfurt, produces highly purified lactoferrin at Milchwerke Schwaben eG using the most modern lactoferrin plant in Europe. The LactoferrinCLN® has a purity of over 98 percent. It is a fairly young company and belongs to the Mercurius Group in Frankfurt. Full operations were started in Neu-Ulm at the end of 2020, with a planned capacity of up to 14 tonnes per year. Mercurius produces the highest quality "Made in Germany". Handtmann Armaturenfabrik will enter into discussions with Mercurius Production about further areas of application for Handtmann radial flow columns. A cooperation regarding further lactoferrin production and adsorption possibilities is being sought.

* Lactoferrin is a bioactive glycoprotein that can be obtained from milk and cheese whey. Studies have demonstrated versatile bactericidal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and iron-regulating properties. As an ingredient, lactoferrin is already used in numerous consumer applications such as cosmetics, functional foods, dietary supplements and baby food to improve nutritional value and functionality.