Minister for economic affairs enthusiastic about new Elteka composite HICOMPELT®

Messestippvisite: Wirtschaftsministerin des Landes Baden-Württemberg, Dr. Hoffmeister-Kraut zu Besuch am Leichtbaustand von Handtman Elteka

Minister of economic affairs enthusiastic about HICOMPELT® Composite

Lightweight construction is a key factor for the society and tomorrow's industry. The saving of weight, material and energy is a prerequisite for a future-oriented intact world because of a steadily growing world population as well as dwindling resources. Lightweight construction alone could theoretically save CO2 emissions from a city such as Lübeck in Germany alone, according to the Landesagentur für Leichtbau Baden-Württemberg on their website.

It is this state agency that, together with businesses and scientists, is driving the further expansion of Baden-Württemberg into a world-leading region of lightweight construction. With this goal Baden-Wurttemberg international presented themselves and their partnering companies at the world's biggest industrial fair, Hannover Messe, at the end of April. Allowed to contribute here were only partners who have developed innovative solutions in lightweight. And Handtmann Elteka was also invited and admitted to this exclusive circle.

Minister of economic affairs, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut (CDU), paid great attention to the latest development of Handtmann Elteka: the composite material HICOMPELT®. The material, which has just been awarded the JEC Innovations Award, has properties which other composites do not have: HICOMPELT® can be produced with carbon fibers, glass fibers or a mixture of the two, thus achieving an extremely advantageous weight-to-strength ratio. HICOMPELT® doesn't break when overcharged but rather deforms and it is recyclable. Last but not least, HICOMPELT® components have a higher fiber content of up to 65 % and can be produced just-in-time in a net-shape process with a cycle time of only 3 minutes.

Lightweight construction is now used throughout the industries. It encompasses all stages in the product life cycle: from the product concept to the design methods to new materials. This triad of design, processes and simulation expresses it's amplitude. For the automotive industry alone, a market size of up to 100 billion euros will be projected for 2020.