Food safe Lauramid® FS: For special uses

Lauramid® FS (food safe) is used wherever food safe materials are required. Lauramid® FS has a responsible role in the packaging and filling technology sectors, as well as in the pharmaceuticals industry and the medical technology branch. As with the non-food safe version, the food safe cast polyamide can also be cast into virtually any shape. Again, hubs can be encapsulated inseparably with this polyamide too.

Food safe in accordance with EC regulation

Lauramid® FS complies with the conditions of the regulation on food safety (EG-No. 1935/2004). Thanks to the excellent migration values, Lauramid® FS is the perfect choice, even for production steps involving long contact between the food and the plastic. The fact that Lauramid® FS is pore-free helps to ensure that germs do not develop during the production process.