Lauramid® application example: Robotics

Robots can be found in a wide variety of fields of application. One of the key factors for reliable function is selecting the correct materials. Due to the low component weight (20 % weight advantage in comparison to POM or PA6) and the almost unlimited mould casting possibilities offered by Lauramid®, this high-performance plastic is ideal for dynamic components in moving applications.

This is how a robot arm is cast net-shape with Lauramid®

Lauramid® in robotics: Facts

Material Lauramid® A, Lauramid® B, Lauramid® FS
Production method Finished part, mould casting
Component examples Robotic arms, robotic joints
Industry-specific properties 20 % weight advantage in comparison to other standard plastics (PA 1, POM), resistance to solvents, good dimensional stability, good electric insulation characteristics

Other industries and application examples

Due to its excellent material properties, Lauramid® is suitable for use for a wide variety of innovative parts and for applications in numerous industries. The following industry examples provide an insight into the virtually unlimited possibilities that our high-tech plastic provides.