Handtmann acquires the innovative Plastics Engineering Specialist Kegelmann

The contracting parties after the signing from left to right: Markus Handtmann (co-CEO Handtmann Holding), Mark Hoffmann (Managing Director Handtmann Elteka), Stephan Kegelmann (Managing Director Kegelmann), Corina Kegelmann, Valentin Ulrich (co-CEO Handtmann Holding), Nina Huber (M&A Handtmann Service)

Expansion of the Handtmann Plastics Engineering division’s technology portfolio

Biberach, 16th February 2024 – Handtmann Group of Companies is pleased to announce the successful closing of the acquisition of Kegelmann Technik GmbH and Kegelmann Tooling GmbH & Co. KG, based in Rodgau-Jügesheim in southern Hesse. Kegelmann counts among the pioneers in plastics engineering with genuine expertise in additive manufacturing and the prototyping of injection moulding tools as well as small and special series production.

This acquisition puts Handtmann in a position to expand its production capacities in the Plastics Engineering division incorporating the state-of-the-art technologies and comprehensive know-how Kegelmann brings on board. Kegelmann makes a valuable addition to the Handtmann Plastics Engineering division, enjoying an established reputation for excellence in additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, and specialising in the rapid development and manufacture of prototypes for injection moulding tools and parts.

“The integration of Kegelmann advanced manufacturing technologies into our production portfolio marks a significant step towards being able to offer our customers bespoke and efficient solutions,” explains Mark Hoffmann, Managing Director of Albert Handtmann Elteka GmbH & Co. KG. “Especially the capability of rapid prototyping and producing in small or special series will put us in a position to respond to market requirements more quickly and offer our customers even better service. This acquisition also allows us to leverage our sustainable material innovations such as Lauramid Inject® on a larger scale while at the same time strengthening our expertise in implementing resource-efficient processes. Thanks to the enhanced technical possibilities, we are now able to offer our customers fully integrated solutions from material development all the way through to the manufacture of end products, which is a clear benefit not only from an economical but also an ecological perspective.”

This acquisition strengthens the position of the Handtmann Plastics Engineering division as a supplier of end-to-end solutions in plastics engineering and opens up whole new opportunities for innovation in product development. Kegelmann not only brings on board an impressive list of customers and projects, but also a culture of innovation and agility that will contribute to the growth of the Handtmann Plastics Engineering division.

“Customers of Kegelmann may expect the same product quality and service they are accustomed to, while at the same time they can benefit from additional resources and the extended network that Handtmann has to offer,” comments Stephan Kegelmann, Managing Director of Kegelmann. “The employees of Kegelmann are going to play a key role in our Plastics Engineering division. We welcome them to the Handtmann family.” adds Valentin Ulrich, co-CEO of Handtmann Holding. “Handtmann is determined to build on the excellent progress made to date and ensure a smooth integration. We look forward to our strengthened future.“