Re-evaluation conirms: Handtmann is a caring and attractive employer

Prädikat Familienbewusstes Unternehmen 2020

In November, the Handtmann Group was once again awarded the title of family-consious company by familyNET.

The Handtmann Group of Companies was again awarded the title of "family-conscious company" at the end of November assessment by familyNET.

"We are very pleased about this award. This shows that we are on the right track with all our measures to improve the compatibility of work, life and family", says Jörg Hochhausen, Group Manager for Human Resources. "A family-conscious personnel policy increases our attractiveness in the competition for skilled workers and contributes to enhancing the company's image".

Wide range of services and offers for the people at Handtmann

"Our services and offers are quite varied", explains Sabine Engel, the responsible contact person in Human Resources at Handtmann. For example, Handtmann offers young parents, caring relatives or older employees 55+ in particular the possibility of flexible working hours in the respective phases of their lives, needs-based childcare options, a series of lectures specially tailored to these target groups, a comprehensive training and further education programme for employees of all ages, numerous health management activities, scholarships for students, retirement benefits, benefits from the Arthur and Ilse Handtmann Foundation in special emergencies, assistance in difficult times through company social counselling and much more. "We want our employees to feel comfortable in the Handtmann family business and to do their work in a motivated, good and enjoyable way", adds Jörg Hochhausen. "All these services and offers contribute to this".