Josef Hinsinger, Luca Stark, Julian Abend, Andreas Beck and Raphael Vollmer have completed their training as industrial mechanics or mechatronics technicians with top marks this year. They have now been awarded for this by the CIC Ulm.

Special circumstances require special measures. Therefore, this year's educational event "Best of..." of the Ulm Chamber of Industry and Commerce was turned into a digital experience. In November, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce [CIC] extended an invite to this educational event with best honours - and broadcast it live into people's homes.

 "A totally cool, interactive online event".

Otherwise a face-to-face event, an interactive event with an attractive programme had been organised for the award winners and company representatives this year. Show acts of the band Taking Tomorrow or the iPad magician Simon Pierro provided entertainment at this year's award ceremony. Chamber of Industry and Commerce president Dr Jan Stefan Roell and CIC general manager Max-Martin W. Deinhard presented this year's education and training graduates with awards and praise.  

With "Best of...", the CIC Ulm underlines its recognition and appreciation of top performance in training and continuing education every year. "The young people and their training companies have achieved outstanding results under difficult conditions and are thus all contributing to the region's continued success", said the CIC representatives. 

Among this year's award winners were five industrial-technical training graduates from the Handtmann Group of Companies in Biberach: Raphael Vollmer completed his training as an industrial mechanic in January 2020 and is now working in the toolmaking department of Handtmann Metallgusswerk. Julian Abend also successfully completed his training as an industrial mechanic in July 2020. He was then hired in the toolmaking department of Handtmann Maschinenfabrik. Andreas Beck is now employed in the maintenance of permanent moulds at Handtmann Metallgusswerk. He had completed an apprenticeship as a mechatronics engineer in the summer. Luca Stark passed his final examination as an industrial mechanic in July 2020, as did Josef Hinsinger, who is now employed in the mechanical production department of Handtmann Elteka. All of them had achieved between 90 and 94 out of a total of 100 achievable points in the final examinations of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The CIC was rightly praised for this at this year's "Best of..." event.  

The award for Handtmann specialists was watched on screen by Handtmann managing directors Karl Keller, Wolfgang Schmidt, Heiko Pfeiffer, Dirk Seckler and Mark Hoffmann, members of the company management Jörg Hochhausen, Hermann Hahn and Valentin Ulrich, HR manager Ottmar Weggenmann and the entire Handtmann training team.  

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our apprenticeship graduates of 2020 on their successful completion of their training and are delighted with the award they deserve from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce!