Productivity, precision and reliability in production

Modular machine concepts allow us to individually meet your specific requirements through a total of four product lines, numerous series, automation solutions and options. Our goal is to achieve the maximum productivity, precision and reliability.

5-axis HBZ AeroCell horizontal machining centre

HBZ® horizontal machining centres

Horizontal machining centres for outstanding application diversity and highest chip removal rates. 

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5-axis PBZ HD profile machining centre

PBZ® profile machining centres

Profile machining centres with innovative clamping technology. For profiles with the highest technological requirements.

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5-axis GANTRY CS high moving portal machining centre

GANTRY® high moving portal machining centres

High moving portal machining centres with moving Y-bridge. For dynamic and stable machining of large-volume lightweight and heavy workpieces.

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5-axis UBZ HP universal machining centre

UBZ® universal machining centres

Modular universal machining centres. For flexible and highly-precise machining of workpieces up to 12 x 2 m.

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Machining centres from Handtmann have proven themselves all over the world in many different industries such as aerospace, mechanical engineering, window and façade construction, as well as mould and die making. The number of possible applications is unsurpassed.


Versatile, modular machine concepts cover a wide range of materials and allow realisation of many different applications.

Precision, power, efficient exhaust system

Precise and powerful machining of composite components thanks to high feed rates and speeds combined with low machining forces as well as innovative exhaust system solutions for extraction of dust and fumes. 

Maximum power, highest material removal rates

High speeds, maximum feed rates and a rigid machine design for above-average material removal volumes. Supplemented by intelligent chip management, Handtmann therefore offers highly flexible solutions for HSC machining of aluminium.

Stable machining, optimum power parameters

Thanks to their balanced machine characteristics in terms of torque, rotational speed, dynamics and machine rigidity, Handtmann machining centres ensure stable and productive machining of steel. 

Stable high performance cutting

High torque and maximum machine rigidity ensure economical machining of titanium workpieces in combination with optimum solutions for complex cooling processes. 

Product variety = Material variety

Our wide range of modular machines and numerous options guarantee economic machining of many different materials.
Contact us to discuss a solution for your specific material!


Thanks to the modular machine concept and a large number of automation solutions and options, you can customise Handtmann machining centres to meet your specific needs. We help you to find the best possible solution for your applications through intensive and in-depth consulting.

Wide range of automation solutions for Handtmann machining centres to increase your productivity even further.


By calling on our large repertoire of automation possibilities and individual solutions for customer-specific needs, we provide you with professional and comprehensive advice. Our goal is to configure the best possible automation for optimised processes and additional productivity.

Options for optimum individual adaptation to your machining requirements.


Choosing from a large range of options, we configure your machining centre individually for your specific requirements based on the components for your application.



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