5-axis HSC/HPC machining centres from Handtmann are the perfect solution for cutting applications that demand productivity, precision and reliability. Modular machine concepts form four product lines with numerous series as well as automation solutions and options. In combination with first-class process advice, we are therefore able to optimally meet the individual requirements of our customers all over the world.


Machining centres from Handtmann are used in a wide range of different industries and offer unique versatility for many different applications in terms of type, form, size, complexity and machining strategy when cutting materials such as composites, aluminium, steel and titanium. We cover the whole workpiece spectrum from small parts with a size from approx. 50 mm up to large parts with dimensions of approx. 47,000 x 7,000 mm.


Our wide product range allows us to realise specific solutions for productive 5-axis HSC/HPC machining of composite, aluminium, steel, titanium and other common materials used in light and heavy-duty cutting applications in many different industries all over the world.

Selected examples of aerospace applications: 

  • All profile types from light to heavy
  • Sheet components
  • Forged components
  • Cast components
  • Cubic 5-axis parts
  • Integral components
  • Wing components (wing skins, wing ribs, etc.)
  • Connectors
  • Engine components
  • Blades, blisks, impellers 
  • Moulds and dies
  • and much more.


Selected examples of mould and die as well as tool making applications:

  • Hot runner systems
  • Moulds for engine bonnets
  • Tools for presses
  • Various patterns for prototyping
  • and much more.

Selected examples of metal construction applications: 

  • Window and facade construction
  • Door and gate construction 
  • Fire protection elements
  • Conservatories
  • and much more.

Selected examples of mechanical engineering applications:

  • Guideways for blasthole drills
  • Guide bars and trimming tables for circular table saws
  • Base support for large medical devices
  • Parts for paper printing presses
  • Parts for weaving machines
  • and much more.

Selected examples of general metal machining industry applications:

  • Lighting engineering
  • Elements for ship engine building
  • Helicopter platforms
  • Profiles for tent construction
  • Rail systems
  • and much more.

Selected examples of automotive applications: 

  • Mould and die
  • Various components for prototypes
  • Backrests for passenger cars
  • Bumpers
  • Rollbars
  • Body parts
  • and much more.

Selected examples of energy applications:

  • Vacuum chambers for the solar industry
  • Housings for wind turbines
  • Pump housings
  • and much more.


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