Handtmann creates the conditions for megacasting

f.l.t.r.: Oliver Falk (Site Management Technical Services), Hueseyin Aktas (Chairman of the Works Council), Herrmann Hahn (Member of the Executive Board), Heiko Pfeiffer (Management Light Metal Casting), Elmar Wild (Management Max Wild GmbH), Dr. Robert Omagbemi (Member of the Executive Board), Markus Wild (Management Max Wild GmbH), Valentin Ulrich (Member of the Executive Board), Thomas Handtmann (Chief Executive Officer), Markus Handtmann (Member of the Executive Board), Jens Hansmeier (Plant Management), Andreas Reck (Project Management megacasting), Tobias Gaßebner (Senior Construction Management Max Wild GmbH), Michael Kienle (Construction Management Max Wild GmbH), Marc Fauth (Head of Planning Technical Services)

On the way to a mega-strong future!

The die casting industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Handtmann is investing in a Bühler Carat 610 extended so that it can continue to act as an innovative technology centre.

Megacasting is a manufacturing process in which several components are combined into a single die-cast part. This requires the use of a large casting machine with higher clamping force, allowing larger and more complex parts to be produced. Megacasting has the potential to revolutionise the manufacturing process of various industries, including the automotive industry.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the megacasting project took place on 10 March 2023. Since mid-December 2022, initial preparatory work has already been carried out for the conversion of our production hall, which included the relocation of a permanent mould casting machine and the relocation of the logistics area. Handtmann Service GmbH & Co. KG is responsible for all construction and building-related measures. Scherr + Klimke AG was responsible for the general planning of the construction, building and supply engineering, and Max Wild GmbH provided support in dismantling the facilities and the hall.

The dismantling of the facilities and the hall will continue until the beginning of May, so that the relocation of the supply and building services and the construction of the new floor slab can be completed. This means that the conversion will be completed before the end of the year and the Buhler Carat 610 extended will be delivered.

We would like to thank all those involved in making this project possible!