Handtmann is part of the Fuel Cell Cluster BW

Handtmann is part of the Fuel Cell Cluster BW

Hydrogen as an energy carrier offers great opportunities. This is also a very important aspect for Handtmann. As a storage medium for renewable energies, as a fuel for emission-free fuel cell vehicles and as a basic material for the chemical industry, it is an important key to managing the energy and transport transition. In order to develop these enormous potentials, there is still a lot to be done and research and development to be driven forward.  The Fuel Cell Cluster BW is dedicated to these tasks.

A variety of drive types is necessary for climate protection in Baden-Württemberg. Hydrogen and fuel cells are key technologies for the electrification of transport drives and an important complement to battery-powered vehicles - especially for long distances, for commercial vehicles, for buses, trains, but also for shipping and air traffic. It is important to choose the most efficient technology for each vehicle type and application.

Since 2013, the Fuel Cell Cluster BW has been bundling and structuring the diverse activities and competencies in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technology throughout Baden-Württemberg. This strengthens and promotes the cooperation of participants from industry, science, various associations and politics in the state. The Fuel Cell Cluster BW is coordinated by the State Agency for New Mobility Solutions and Automotive Baden-Württemberg e-mobil BW GmbH.

The aim of the cluster's activities is to test the technology and to develop marketable and customer-friendly series products with high energy and resource efficiency. In this context, the energy turnaround and the introduction of electromobility are to be promoted.

The Fuel Cell Cluster BW focuses its activities on five topics: Production of hydrogen and infrastructure, transport, energy, production, and education and training.  In addition, the cluster offers a range of cross-sectional topics that link the individual topics: Internationalisation, Controlling and Organisation, Knowledge Transfer and Management as well as Events and Public Relations.

Handtmann has also been a member of the Fuel Cell Cluster BW since November 2020, which to date consists of 74 partners.

As a partner, the cluster offers us a variety of benefits, such as organising regular working groups and information events and coordinating joint projects. In addition, we receive impulses on funding opportunities and educational activities. For us, this network has great potential for building up know-how but also for collecting references and contacts in the fuel cell sector.

Within the Handtmann Group, synergy effects of the Handtmann Divisions Systems Engineering, Light Metal Casting and Plastic Engineering are used here.