Inotec WT99-iT TWIN link cutter

Automated and parallel 2-lane separation of various types of sausages on an industrial high-performance level

2-lane parallel separating renders the Handtmann Inotec WT99-iT TWIN optimal for industrial high performance. It precisely, quickly and automatically separates a wide variety of sausage types in artificial, collagen or natural casing. The patented dual-sensor technology guarantees reliable detection of the linking position and ensures high-performance precision separation on both lanes. Even cocktails from 32 mm in length can be separated precisely and in parallel thanks to this technology. The Handtmann Inotec WT99-iT TWIN link cutter with its high-performance parallel separating technology combined with flexibility for a wider variety of calibres and lengths is one of a kind.

Handtmann WT99 iT TWIN

Excellent cutting precision on 2 lanes due to patented separating technology

Handtmann sausage separating technology stands for excellent, precise cutting quality of a wide variety of sausage products. The centrepiece is the patented double sensor technology, which ensures automated and reliable detection of the linking position on every lane and thus provides a precise cutting point for the three-edged sickle blade. Furthermore, the cutting point and automatic cutting point detection can be flexibly adapted to the product on the user-friendly touch control.

Flexibility for a wide variety of sausages

The Inotec WT99-iT TWIN processes sausages in natural, collagen and artificial casing, covering a large calibre range of 8 to 32 mm. Adaptation of the infeed and outfeed belts to the respective calibre is easily carried out via the digital touch control. Thanks to the patented dual-sensor technology, even cocktails starting at a length of 32 mm can be precisely separated on both lanes in parallel.

Perfect for high-performance industrial production

At up to 1,800 cuts per minute on every lane in parallel, the Inotec WT99-iT TWIN sets the standard in terms of cutting performance also for curved sausage products, rendering it ideal for industrial high performance. This high performance is achieved by the patented dual-sensor technology’s fully automatic positioning of the cutting point, enabling not only precise but also fast sausage separation. The servo-driven three-edged sickle blade ensures a particularly fast cutting sequence and a continuous production process. The integrated productivity manager provides a transparent view of the separating process.



Calibre setting

up to 2 x 1,800 cuts/min

Separating capacity

8 to 32 mm


from 32 mm

Product length

Top advantages

  • Industrial high performance through continuous, parallel and 2-lane separating process with up to 2 x 1,800 cuts per minute

  • Precise and reliable separating of sausages thanks to patented dual-sensor technology for automated linking position detection

  • Large range of applications due to flexible calibre setting and separating starting at a sausage length of 32 mm

  • Suitable for all sausage types in natural, collagen and artificial casing

Product film

Applications and Product examples

Experience the diversity A suitable solution for every application. Whether meat, dairy, convenience, pet food, fish, confectionary or more.


Handtmann dry Sausage in Pepper casing

Sausage products

Handtmann vegetarian Sausages

meat substitute sausage products

Handtmann vegetable Soup

soup inserts

Handtmann pet food sausage

pet food

Handtmann fruit jelly


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