Inotec EC02 declipper

Declipper for the automatic removal of metal clips from sausage products

The Handtmann Inotec EC02 declipper is suitable for the automatic separation of and the simultaneous removal of metal clips from sausage products. Single or double clips are reliably removed from bar-shaped products at industrial performance level. The optional integration into automated feeding and packaging lines meets the high demands of the food trade in terms of product presentation, product safety and hygiene.

Reliable declipping through precise separation

Product safety is one of the most critical challenges in food processing. The Handtmann Inotec EC02 declipper meets this requirement perfectly by reliably removing metal clips through a precise separation process. Single or double clips are reliably cut from bar-shaped products such as salami or boiled salami. Declipping is possible in three different calibre ranges with different product lengths from 130 mm, depending on the choice of top plates.

Perfect for high-performance industrial production

With a capacity of up to 50 declipping operations per minute, the Inotec EC02 continuously delivers top performance on an industrial scale. The transport speed can be flexibly adjusted in 7 steps and thus optimally adapted to the production flow. Fast product changes further increase efficiency, as the interchangeable declipping tools can be easily and quickly adapted to the respective clip format.

Optimum product presentation thanks to an automatic process

Automatic declipping with the Inotec EC02 reduces manual intervention and thus ensures a hygienic and gentle process. The bar-shaped products are automatically fed to the belt system of the declipper, where an intelligent laser light barrier helps the declipping tools to cut out the clip or double clip pneumatically. The optional use of a loading platform for placing and aligning the strings of sausages upstream of the declipper assures additional first-class product presentation. Hanging loops can also be removed automatically.


up to 50/min

Declipping capacity

36 to 94 mm

Declipping range

from 130 mm

Product length

flexibly adjustable in 7 steps

Feeding speed

Top Advantages

  • Maximum product safety through reliable declipping of single or double metal clips thanks to a precise, automatic separating process

  • High economic efficiency thanks to industrial performance level and fast product changes

  • Ideal for bar-shaped products in a wide range of calibres and lengths due to interchangeable declipping tools and easy adaptation to clip formats

  • Seamless automation process possible through an optional integration in the overall process with feeding and packaging lines

  • Compact hygienic design for optimal process hygiene with minimal space requirements

Applications and Product examples

Experience the diversity A suitable solution for every application. Whether meat, dairy, convenience, pet food, fish, confectionary or more.


Handtmann boiled sausage liversausage

Sausage products

Handtmann pet food sausage

pet food

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