Flexibility for the medium-scale producerFilling and portioning machine VF 820 & VF 828 S

Latest vacuum filling technology

The VF 820 & VF 828 S vacuum fillers of the VF 800 vacuum filler generation are optimally designed for the medium performance segment in the food processing industry. Thus, they perfectly cover, for example, the performance requirements of industrial-scale as well as small and medium-scale producers, supplying their own branches or local supermarkets. They are universally suitable for the gentle yet efficient processing of products such as meat, dough, fillings, vegetarian and vegan products, meat substitute, dairy, confectionery and pet food.

Filling and portioning machine VF 820 & VF 828 S Top advantages

  • Different filling capacities of up to 5,000 kg/h or 1,200 portions/minute thanks to a high-precision, high-performance and energy-efficient servo main drive

  • Flexible performance increase from a filling capacity of 3,000 kg/h of up to 5,000 kg/h (VF 828 S)

  • Long-term stable portioning accuracy to the gram in the portioning range of 5 to 200,000 g due to low wear in the vane cell feed system

  • Excellent, reproducible product quality thanks to the gentle feed principle of the vane cell feed system and integrated, digital product quality monitoring

  • Flexibility for a wide variety of applications and products as well as modular compatibility with upstream and downstream systems

  • Optimal adaptation to specific production requirements through a wide range of equipment options, additional functions, digital solutions and automation options

  • Excellent, high-level hygiene conditions thanks to the latest hygienic design and numerous hygiene-promoting additional options and cleaning programs

  • Outstanding energy efficiency (TÜV-certified) reduces operating costs

VF 820/828 S All Facts at a glance


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