The most precise way of dividing dough

In combination with a VF 800 portioning machine, the SE 442-1 cutting unit is a single-lane dough dividing system for industrial use in baked goods production. The processing of mixed wheat and wheat dough, even with higher dough yield, is easily possible. The system achieves perfect results in the production of toast and pizza dough. The dough dividing is oil-free, which reduces flaws in the baked items and costs. The portioning machine’s high-precision vane cell feed system and the precise separating with the rotary cutter, guarantee permanently accurate-to-the-gram weights for each dough piece.  The consistent and continuous product ejection also ensures stable and process-reliable system operation.

SE 442-1 cutting unit Top Advantages

  • Efficient and economical production thanks to consistently high dividing and portioning capacity

  • Excellent product quality thanks to the oil-free dough dividing principle and the gentle feed principle

  • Flexibility thanks to the perfectly adaptable depositing of the product

  • Modular compatibility with upstream and downstream systems

  • Excellent hygiene conditions at the highest level thanks to the latest hygienic design

SE 442-1 cutting unit Top Applications


Pizza dough pieces

Mixed rye bread

SE 442-1 All the Facts at A Glance



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