High-performance, accurate-to-the-gram despositingDS 552 depositing system

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The DS 552 depositing system is a valve-free, high-performance depositing system for the precise and safe dosing of fluid, pasty to viscous filling products. A wide variety of products from the meat, vegetarian, bakery, dairy and pet food sectors are dosed onto up to 24 lanes with accuracy to the gram. A continuous process for the industrial production on dough sheet systems, in thermo-forming packaging machines or tray sealers.

DS 552 depositing system Top Advantages

  • High-performance dosing with up to 200 cycles/minute

  • Flexible application range on 2 to 24 lanes

  • Efficient and economical production due to a continuous process with high dosing capacity

  • Cost reduction thanks to minimisation of give-away due to portioning accurate to the gram and exact weights per lane and portion

  • Maximum product reliability thanks to the valve-free dosing principle without filling pistons

  • Excellent hygiene conditions due to hygienic design

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DS 552 depositing system Top Applications


Salads and ready meals

Liver sausage, Pies

Dips and spreads

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