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Vegetarian and Vegan Food Innovations 2021

Food. Nutrition. Processes. It affects us all. Personally as a consumer. But also professionally as a company. We all are constantly on the lookout for solutions. Solutions to our personal diet and the associated processes that take place in our bodies. And as a company we are continuously searching for solutions that meet precisely these personal and individual dietary habits. Which is why we at Handtmann develop state-of-the-art systems for new processes in food production. At the same time we provide fresh impetus for novel trend products and product innovations. Trends come and go. Let’s go with them. Always in line with the motto: My idea. My solution. 

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  • Extra-fine product structure
  • Ethnic variation of potato croquettes
  • Innovative, versatile shapes
  • Direct depositing onto belt, trays or racks
  • Inline grinding for a homogeneous product structure
  • Continuous production processes for 2 to 24 lanes
Solution: FS 510 forming system


  • Snack based purely on vegetables
  • Healthy alternative to meat sticks
  • High-fibre product
  • Direct depositing onto belt, trays or racks
  • Continuous production processes for 2 to 24 lanes
Solution: FS 510 forming system


  • Vegan sausage product in alginate casing with appealing appearance and a tender bite
  • Surprising (variable) filling
  • Crossover snack with high product development potential
  • Continuous portioning process
Solution: KVLSH 162 ConProLink system with Koex kit Optional: GS 300 collating system

Vegan Bacon

  • New, vegan meat substitute product
  • New co-extrusion process for vegan products
  • Variety of nozzles for individual product appearance
  • Continuous portioning process
Solution: GMD forming and cutting system

Vegan Salami Stick

  • Vegan meat substitute product with appealing appearance and a tender bite
  • Vegan alternative to popular snack product
  • In texture, bite and taste like "meat originals"
  • Diversity of variants (e.g. nature, mould ripened…)
  • Continuous portioning process
Solution: KVLSH 162 ConProLink-System

Vegetarian and VeganProcess Innovations


The perfect economic solution for the multi-lane depositing on dough sheet systems. By means of continuous product ejection or continuously adjustable portion sizes of 5 to 500 g, the automatic dosing process can be flexibly expanded from 2 to 24 lanes. The innovative, valve-free dosing principle allows a production output of up to 200 cycles per minute. From fluid, pasty or viscous to chunky. The patented, servo-driven flow divider in the depositing system ensures a constant product flow onto several lanes without pressure fluctuations, resulting in most accurate weights and optimal product appearance in every single lane.

Solution: DS 552 Depositing


That is highly productive portioning and forming at industrial level. Separating is performed directly at the outlet, either with a wire or a blade; it is uninterrupted and linear to the product speed. The desired product shape is created using mould components positioned at the outlet. The gentle process also results in first-class product quality. The products can be produced directly onto racks. High production output with up to 250 cycles per minute and maximum wight accuracy per lane and product due to servo-driven flow divider are guaranteed.


Solution: FS 510 forming system


Economic multi-lane production of formed products, such as balls, sticks, burgers and dumplings, directly in water/oil bath systems, continuous systems, on subsequent belts or in laminating systems. These flexible production options facilitate a very wide ranging field of application. The fast conversion to different shapes (just a few mould components are replaced) results in product diversity coupled with excellent levels of productivity. The driven flow divider ensures precise weight accuracy per lane and product. This facilitates significant cost reductions as less raw material is needed. Always with first-class product quality due to the rotating hole plate system.

Solution: FS 522 forming system

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We study trends. We monitor the markets. We provide expertise in the production of vegetarian/vegan products. From TREND to PRODUCTION PROCESS and TREND PRODUCT. Or from trend to TREND PRODUCT and PRODUCTION PROCESS. Benefit from valuable information on sustainable products and process solutions in the vegetarian/vegan sector in our free Food Innovation Guide.

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