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Sausage and Meat PRODUCTS Food Innovations 2021

Everything around the meat industry is on the move. Let’s just move along with it. Let us take a new approach to classic products. Let us create new snacks. Or variations on bestsellers. We at Handtmann continuously develop new systems for the production of these sought-after trend products. At the same time we provide fresh impetus for novel trend products and product innovations. But we also focus on optimising and developing new production processes.

The good thing is that together we have so much experience in the production of meat and sausage products, we simply have to adapt our knowledge and skills to the market shifts of the consumer. Always in line with the motto: My idea. My solution.



My Idea My Solution

Crossover Salami Snacks

  • Crossover-Snack mit hohem Produktentwicklungspotenzial
  • 3-fach-Extrusion ermöglicht neuartige Produkte
  • Überraschende Füllung oder ansprechendes Gewürzcoating 
  • Variantenvielfalt (viele Kaliber und Längen möglich)
  • Ansprechende Optik und zarter Biss
  • Kontinuierlicher Produktionsprozess
Lösung: ConProLink-System KVLSH 162


  • Fleischige Alternative zu klassischen Snackprodukten
  • Produktvielfalt: Fleischarten, Formen…
  • Vielseitige Rezepturen: hot, chili, schimmelgereift…
  • Unzählige, auch individuelle, Formgebungen möglich
Lösung: Formsystem FS 510


  • Crossover Snack mit hohem Produktentwicklungspotenzial
  • Überraschende, variable Füllung
  • Produktvielfalt durch vielseitige Produktgestaltung
  • Ansprechende und neuartige Optik
  • Klassisches Produkt in neuer Variante
Lösung: Koextrudier-System 87-36 Lösung: Würstchenfülllinie AL-System PLH 216


  • Hybridprodukt in trendgerechter Darreichungsform (vielfältige Formen möglich)
  • Reduzierter Fleischanteil bei vollem Genuss
  • Ernährungsphysiologische Aufwertung durch pflanzliche Anteile
Lösung: Form- und Schneidesystem FS 525

Sausage and Meat productsProcess Innovations

End-to-end process from processing to the flow pack

Sustainable packaging solutions, preferably recyclable and as climate-neutral as possible, are gaining in importance. At the same time, the product needs to be safe, storable, easy to transport and appealing to the consumer in terms of appearance and texture. One type of packaging that is becoming increasingly popular in this respect is the flow pack because it helps save plastic.

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The perfect economic solution for the multi-lane dosing of fresh meat. By means of continuous product ejection or continuously adjustable portion sizes of 5 to 500 g, the automatic dosing process can be flexibly expanded from 2 to 24 lanes. The innovative, valve-free dosing principle allows a production output of up to 200 cycles per minute. From fluid, pasty or viscous to chunky. The patented, servo-driven flow divider in the depositing system ensures a constant product flow onto several lanes without pressure fluctuations, resulting in most accurate weights and optimal product appearance in every single lane.

Solution: DS 552 Depositing System

Trend products and Expertise. Food Innovation Guide

We study trends. We monitor the markets. We provide expertise in the production of sausage and meat products. From TREND to PRODUCTION PROCESS and TREND PRODUCT. Or from trend to TREND PRODUCT and PRODUCTION PROCESS. Benefit from valuable information on sustainable products and process solutions in the sausage and meat sector in our free Food Innovation Guide.

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„In all honesty, I just love the precision of this new machine. If I want to produce 100-gram sausages, I can rest assured that each and every sausage we produce weighs precisely 100 grams, and that they all have the same appearance. “

Guillaume Hutter, Owner of Salamico Co Ltee


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