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Dairy products Food Innovations 2021

Many things are on the move in the dairy industry. Let’s just move along with it. Let us take a new approach to classic products. Let us create new snacks. Or variations on bestsellers. We at Handtmann continuously develop new systems for the production of dairy products. We also provide ideas for product innovations and focus on optimising and developing new production processes.

The good thing is that together we have the experience in the production of dairy products, we simply have to adapt our knowledge and skills to the market shifts of the consumer. Trends come and go. Let’s go with them. Always in line with the motto: My idea. My solution.

My idea My solution

Cheese Bites

  • Neuartige Darreichung in Snackform mit neuer und überraschender Optik
  • Produktvielfalt durch viele Käsearten und Rezepturen
  • Varianten durch Formenvielfalt
  • Grammgenaue Gewichte
  • Kontinuierlicher Produktionsprozess


Lösung: Formsystem FS 510

Frischkäsewurst mit Feigenfüllung

  • Neuartige Produkte durch 3-fach-Extrusion
  • Cross-over Snack mit hohem Produktentwicklungspotenzial
  • Ansprechende Optik und zarter Biss
  • Überraschende Füllung oder Gewürzcoating
  • Produktvarianten durch viele Längen und Kaliber
  • Kontinuierlicher Produktionsprozess



Lösung: ConProLink KVLSH 162

Geformte Butterportionen

•    Neuartige Darreichungsform eines klassischen Produkts
•    Große Formenvielfalt (Kegel, Sticks, etc.)
•    Ansprechende, neue und überraschende Optik
•    Grammgenaue Gewichte
•    Kontinuierlicher Produktionsprozess


Lösung: Formsystem FS 520

Dairy productsProcess Innovations


That is highly productive forming of Mozzarellasticks at industrial level. On 6 to 24 lanes formed products of varying cross-sections and feed materials, long, flat, cylindrical, disc-shaped, cubic, square and star-shaped product shapes, to name but a few, are possible. High production output with up to 250 cycles per minute and maximum weight accuracy per lane and product due to servo-driven flow divider are guaranteed. The gentle process also results in first-class product quality. The products can be produced onto racks and trays or transported on a conveyor belt and transferred to downstream systems for further processing.

Solution: FS 510 forming system


The filling product is fed to the flow divider by a vacuum filler. The servo-driven flow divider ensures precise weight accuracy per lane and product. This facilitates significant cost reductions as less raw material is needed. The rotating hole plate system forms the products into the required 3D shape and ensures maximum product quality. On 2 to 8-lanes high production output with up to 250 cycles per minute is possible.

Solution: FS 521 forming system

Trend products and Expertise. Food Innovation Guide

We study trends. We monitor the markets. We provide expertise in the production of dairy products. From TREND to PRODUCTION PROCESS and TREND PRODUCT. Or from trend to TREND PRODUCT and PRODUCTION PROCESS. Benefit from valuable information on sustainable products and process solutions in the diary sector in our free Food Innovation Guide.

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„Handtmann supports us with know-how and machines. The biggest advantage of the Handtmann machine for us as a research institute is its flexibility to handle all types of food products“

Dr. Nino Terjung, Head of the DIL Product Innovation division


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