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CONFECTIONERY Food Innovations 2021

The production of confectionery is an art, standing for creativity, eating pleasure and passion. However, there has been considerable movement around confectionery, driven not least by a growing health and sustainability consciousness. An exciting challenge and an opportunity at the same time. Let’s just move along with it. Let us take a new approach to classic products. Let us create new taste explosions. Or variations on bestsellers.We at Handtmann develop state-of-the-art systems for new processes in the production of confectionery. At the same time we provide fresh impetus for novel trend products and product innovations.

The good thing is that together we have lots of experience in the production of confectionery, we simply have to adapt our knowledge and skills to the market shifts of the consumer. Trends come and go. Let’s go with them. Always in line with the motto: My idea. My solution.

My idea My solution

Flapjack Bites

  • Diversity of product and flavour
  • Variety of shapes
  • Treat with a healthy image
  • Automation process all the way through to the transfer to the continuous baking oven and subsequent freezing
Solution: FS 525 forming and cutting system


  • New variation of fruit jelly (in collagen casing)
  • Completely new product category
  • New sensory and haptic appeal
  • Variable flavour characteristics
  • New production process for fruit jelly
Solution: PVLH 228 plus AL linking and hanging line

Chunky Cookies Special Shapes

  • Product diversity
  • Variety of shapes
  • Extra-large chunks of chocolate and nuts
  • Crispy crunchy
Solution: FS 525 forming and cutting system

CONFECTIONERYProcess Innovations

FORMING PROCESS of Marzipan Balls

Marzipan is fed to the flow divider by a vacuum filler. The active servo-driven flow divider ensures precise rotor speed inthe flow  divider. The result is a continuous product flow without
pressure fluctuations, and thus extremely accurate final weights.The flow  divider ejects the filling product in multi-lane filling flowsvia mould components . The product shape can be shown on thescreen and the  process parameters can be calculated via the vacuum filler control system. The rotating hole plate system form sthe products into the required 3D shape. The shape can be changed by simply switching a few mould components.

Solution: FS 522 forming system


Extrusion of portions via a rectangular forming nozzle. Die Extrusion der Zuckermasse erfolgt über eine rechteckige Formdüse. A special feature of the new line is the travelling, servo-driven separating principle during continuous VF 800 operation. This results in an extremely high production output of up to 200 portions per minute with excellent weight accuracy for each individual portion. There is less give-away, thus reducing costs over a long period. The GMD 99-3 portioning line can be perfectly incorporated into integrated processes or be synchronised with automation options, such as a weighing system, tray feeding or depositing into thermo-forming machines.

Solution: GMD 99-3 forming and cutting system

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We study trends. We monitor the markets. We provide expertise in the production of sweet products. From TREND to PRODUCTION PROCESS and TREND PRODUCT. Or from trend to TREND PRODUCT and PRODUCTION PROCESS. Benefit from valuable information on sustainable products and process solutions in the confectionery sector in our free Food Innovation Guide.

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