Inotec IG5-iT tying machine

The tying machine for double tying of sausage-shaped products in natural, collagen and artificial casing.

The Handtmann Inotec IG5-iT offers portioning, tying and separating of sausage products in natural, collagen and artificial casing. The products are reliably tied at a high output with individually adjustable spacing and accurate weights, with or without loops. Separating the products immediately after the tying process is possible as an option. The products satisfy mega trends such as “like handmade” and “sustainably produced”, as they entirely eliminate the use of metal clips.

For a variety of products in natural, collagen and artificial casing

The IG5-iT is optimally suited for the reliable tying of sausage products in the calibre range of 28 to 80 mm. The slight “overfill” creates nice, well-filled products with a bite. The indentation created by the longitudinal twine produces the classic and sales-promoting quality feature of “handmade”. A wide variety of freely adjustable product string layouts with small or large spacing, with or without optional hanging loops or the possibility to apply a sausage net, offer almost limitless scope for design. Typical products are the traditional Italian salami in all sizes and shapes or the Polish Krakowska.

High output and cost reduction through savings on casing

The IG5-iT tying machine delivers a high effective production output of up to 180 tyings per minute, verifiably recorded by the productivity counter. A swivelling filling tube facilitates casing spooling, as does an optional casing spooling device and an optimally accessible casing magazine. The large Inotec twine rolls reduce changeovers to a minimum. The excellent weight accuracy per portion and narrow product spacing with up to 40 % savings on casing compared to clips significantly reduce production costs.

Easy operation and optimum level of hygiene 

The IG5-iT is easy to operate and can be controlled intuitively via the touch control. Product changes with changed calibre, spacing and tying parameters are executed without the need for tools. Automatic separating of the portions immediately after the tying process is also optionally possible. In case of lack of twine or casing, the machine shuts down automatically and rejects are prevented. Full-pressure tying prevents filling product residues at the tying point and thus guarantees hygienically flawless production, as does the CE-compliant stainless steel design.




28 – 80 mm

Product calibres

Natural, collagen and artificial casing


up to 180 tyings/min. without spacing

Tying capacity

up to 100 tyings/min. with spacing

Tying capacity

Top advantages

  • High effective production output of up to 180 portions per minute thanks to optimum casing spooling, maximum tying capacity and the optional automatic separating of the products

  • Cost savings thanks to accurate-to-the-gram portion weights and savings on casing owing to very narrow spacing between tyings

  • Product variety in natural, collagen and artificial casing thanks to versatile tying variations and large scope for design in terms of appearance through supplementary twine or sausage net application

  • Excellent, consistent quality due to well-filled products like handmade with a bite and consistent product length also after smoking and cooking thanks to the longitudinal twine

  • Consistently reliable and continuous production process thanks to original Inotec sausage twine with shortest changeover times and automatic machine shutdown at twine or casing end

  • Excellent hygienic production conditions thanks to clean tying points without filling product residue

  • User-friendly thanks to optimum casing spooling and tool-free product changes

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