Control, monitor, network

All-incorporating, from the individual process step to the entire filling department

State-of-the-art control technology, programmed in-house, with 28 operating languages. The control system in the Handtmann vacuum fillers controls, monitors and links the production process perfectly. The VF 600 and VF 800 vacuum fillers are therefore superior central control components in complex system solutions and highly compatible basic modules in automated production processes. Plus, the filling systems are linked to the production operation's data network via the Handtmann HCU software: production planning, control and optimisation of the entire filling department with a click of the mouse on the PC.

VF 600 and VF 800 vacuum filler control system

VF 600 and VF 800 control system

State-of-the-art control technology for central control and monitoring of all production processes

Объединение в сеть с помощью программного обеспечения HCU при применении вакуумных наполнителей VF 600 и VF 800

HCU software

Management of material, employees and machines thanks to state-of-the-art 4.0 production networking

IFC interface

The patented IFC interface (Intelligent Filler Clipper Interface) provides clear advantages in production thanks to synchronised and intelligent machine communication.

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