PVLH 252 L linking and hanging line

High-performance AL system for the portioning, linking and hanging of cooked sausages in peel-off or shirred collagen and plant-based casing.

High-performance line for industrial sausage production 

At a maximum output of up to 3,750 portions per minute, the PVLH 252 L is ideally suited for the mono-production of cooked sausages and hot dogs in peel-off and collagen casing. The minimal casing change times with only one linking nozzle further increase productivity. The PVLH 252 L can process up to 580 mm long shirred casing, which increases the effective machine operating time even further, especially in mono-productions. 

High process reliability due to reliable casing spooling 

Reliable casing change is always ensured thanks to centring of the linking nozzle and simultaneous guiding of the shirred casing in the casing spooling unit. The filling product scraper ensures that the linking nozzle is clean at all times, thus further enhancing process reliability. An optical signal in the casing magazine signals the operator promptly when the shirred casings in the magazine reach a critical fill level. The casing magazine can thus be filled with new casings in good time, which contributes to the continuous and uninterrupted operation of the line. 

Portioning consistent in length thanks to new voider belt  

The new voider belt and the special shape of the voider elements facilitate portioning in industrial sausage production that is particularly gentle on the casing and consistent in length. The automatic length check prevents operating errors and boosts process reliability, as the set portion length and the voider belts are automatically matched. A new, perfect-fit version for industrial mono-productions from the forerunner of automated sausage production.  

State-of-the-art hanging technology increases productivity and reduces costs 

The new AHE 252-16 hanging unit multiplies the advantages of the PVLH 252 L. Flexible hook spacing, adjustable in 5 mm increments, ensures that all products are conveyed with optimum spacing. This results in maximum smoke stick utilisation and cost savings in the downstream process. The entire production line can be increased in height by 100 mm or 200 mm. This provides not only optimum ergonomic conditions, but also allows the processing of sausage loops up to a maximum length of 850 mm. The hanging unit can be equipped with the AHE scales as an option. Weighing the products allows for automatic readjustment of the filling volume and thus ensures optimum product weights at all times. Give-away is reduced and cost savings of up to 2 % are possible.   

Optimum operation, hygiene and safety 

The straightforward design of the line offers highly intuitive operation, even for inexperienced operators, preventing incorrect settings and consequently rejects. An external operating unit for the vacuum filling machine allows for control of the line on operator side. The rounded and sloped surfaces meet the latest hygienic design requirements.  


  • Continuous production of cooked sausages in peel-off and collagen casing in with production direction from left to right 

  • Optimally designed to process up to 580 mm long shirred casing in industrial-scale mono-production (e.g. hot dogs) 

  • Maximum productivity of up to 3,750 portions per minute 

  • Casing change times of under 2 seconds 

  • External operating unit for the vacuum filling machine allows for control of the line on operator side 

  • Efficient, uninterrupted process due to reliable casing spooling with centred linking nozzle, guided shirred casing and a sausage casing magazine with filling level indicator 

  • Perfect product lengths and weights thanks to the Handtmann vane cell feed system 

  • Custom-fit voider belts for different product lengths and calibres 


13 to 34 mm


20 to 400 mm

Portion lengths

max. 3,750 portions/min.

Portioning capacity

< 2 seconds

Casing change times

Applications and Product examples

Dry sausage snacks

Dry sausage snacks

Hot dog

Hot dog



Cocktail sausages

Cocktail sausages