Handtmann Inotec I-iT-V vacuum grinder

Grinding technology including product evacuation under vacuum for overall production lines in food and pet food processing

Handtmann Inotec vacuum grinders are optimally designed for being integrated in medium-scale and industrial overall production lines. Consistent and homogeneous product quality is achieved through the continuously powerful grinding of various products under vacuum. Feeding the product into the cutting set is temperature and pressure controlled and results in optimal grinding and emulsification. The large hopper volume ensures a very high level of vacuum, resulting in a high-quality, compact product with minimal residual oxygen content and intense, stable colouring. This positive effect is particularly beneficial in the production of cold cuts, for example.

Handtmann Inotec I-iT-V

Effective vacuum grinding in overall line solutions

With a capacity of 3,000 to 15,000 litres and a hopper volume of 720 litres, the two Handtmann Inotec I175iT-V and I225iT-V vacuum grinders are perfectly suited for medium-scale and industrial-scale production capacities. Their strength lies, above all, in their flexibility in overall lines, because their variable process speed with optimum adaptation to the product ensures excellent results. This facilitates the simultaneous increase in productivity, product quality and economic efficiency in a single step.

Mixing and grinding under vacuum for compact products

The modular 1- to 5-stage cutting system with automatic cutting set adjustment, precise position setting and continuous readjustment forms the ideal base of the grinding process. In combination with the original Inotec cutting sets made of tool steel, softer stainless steel or Advanced technology with special alloy, perfect results and a long service life are achieved. The adjustable process vacuum and an integrated mixing process using two interleaving paddle shafts, effectively contribute to optimum evacuation, even of highly viscous products.

User-friendly and process-reliable

Thanks to the language-independent user interface, the vacuum grinders are very easy to operate and the entire process can be monitored via the process control. The grinding process as well as product inlet and outlet temperature are permanently measured, actively regulated and centrally monitored via the control system. The actual status and position of the cutting tools are permanently displayed and monitored. This ensures a continuous and economical process, delivering consistent and optimum results.  


1- to 5-stage

Cutting set

15.6“ touch control


100 litres/min., 6 bar

Compressed air

Top advantages

  • Optimum interplay of individual process steps, mixing, grinding, pumping and emulsifying products under vacuum

  • First-class products through modular 1- to 5-stage cutting system with precise position setting and automatic cutting set readjustment

  • High economic efficiency due to continuous process with consistent results through permanent monitoring of cutting position and cutting tools

  • Cost reduction through high-performance and high-quality Inotec cutting sets with long service life and wear compensation

  • Excellent hygienic production conditions thanks to hygienic design

Applications and Product examples

Experience the diversity A suitable solution for every application. Whether meat, dairy, convenience, pet food, fish, confectionary or more.


Handtmann Formed Meat Products

Sausage and meat products

Handtmann Diary Products

dairy products

Handtmann Sweets


Handtmann Fish Balls

fish and seafood products

Handtmann formed Vegan Products

meat substitute products

potato and vegetable products

Handtmann Pet Food variety

pet food

Handtmann kenading Silicone


Handtmann red fruit jelly

vegetable and fruit products

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