Multi Burger Former MBF1

The flexible module for formed variety all the way into the tray

Flexibility in terms of form and of product
The modular MBF1 forming system facilitates the production of a wide variety of formed products in variable product sizes, such as burgers, balls, slices and sticks. Round, square or longish. Meat, vegetables, fish, convenience products, confectionery, vegan or vegetarian products – the possibilities are manifold. The 1-lane forming system is flexible and expandable into fully-automatic depositing of the products into trays.

Placing formed products directly into trays with the VRB 150 retraction belt
The turnkey solution for product variety and efficiency: the Handtmann vacuum filler portions accurate to the gram, the MBF1 forming system produces accurately formed products, the synchronised VRB1 retraction belt conveys the products gently and accurately into the trays provided by the InTray depositor. Individually and in quantities of your choice, shingled or stacked.

Top features


Top function



400 cycles/min.

Production output

5 to 70 mm

Flattening height

Your advantages

  • Large variety of products and shapes in variable product sizes
  • High production output with cycle times of up to 400 portions/min.
  • High portioning and weight accuracy ensures saving on raw material
  • The hole plate system guarantees fast conversion of the line
  • Products are precisely transferred to downstream systems

Applications and Product examples

Experience the diversity. A suitable solution for every application. Whether be it meat, dairy, convenience, pet food, fish, confectionery, and more.








Vegetable burgers

Vegetable burgers

Goat cheese

Goat cheese

Fish burger

Fish burger

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