The strong middle class with a filling capacity of up to 9,000 kg/h at a pressure of 25 bar

Versatile and strong for the medium-size segment
The VF 840 D with a filling capacity of 9,000 kg/h at a pressure of 25 bar is perfectly suited for medium to high performance requirements. It is a reliable and powerful portioning module of up to 800 portions/minute. Clipping applications such as processed cheese sticks can be perfectly realised on the VF 840 D.

Latest vacuum filling technology: VF 800
The Handtmann VF 800 technology is the state of the art in vacuum filling and portioning technology on the market. It meets highest standards in the field of vacuum filling. Plus its handling, design and energy efficiency are optimal.

Hygienic design in every detail
Smooth-surface design, automatic pre and interim cleaning and a cleaning quality that can be easily verified guarantee excellent hygiene conditions. Reduced cleaning times cut productions costs permanently.

Modular and flexible in complex line solutions
The VF 840 D is compatible with additional equipment such as Handtmann dosing and forming systems, the Handtmann ConPro system for products in alginate casing, clippers and other upstream or downstream process modules. Synchronisation is carried out simply via monitor control system.


Top features

9.000 kg/h

Filling capacity

up to 25 bar

Filling pressure

350 litres, single-piece

Hopper volume

up to 800 port./min.

Portioning capacity

Top advantages

  • Long-term stable portioning accuracy to the gram
  • Excellent product quality thanks to the gentle feed principle and integrated product quality monitoring
  • Versatile in use for pasty, chunky, hot or cold dairy products
  • Latest hygienic design at the highest level with confirmed compliance with 3-A Sanitary Standard 23-06
  • Outstanding energy efficiency (TÜV-certified)

Applications and product examples - Dairy

Product diversity with classics and trend products: Filling, portioning, linking, dosing, forming, co-extruding and more.

Sliced goat cheese roll

Cream cheese cubes

Grillwurst, Käsewurst in Alginathülle

Barbecue fried sausages, cheese sausage in alginate casing

Cream cheese deposited in a jar

Schmelzkäse portioniert und gesliced

Portioned and sliced processed cheese

Portioned and clipped herb butter

Käseprodukte geformt

Formed cheese products

Grill- und Backkäse

Grilled and baking cheese

Joghurt-Snack in Alginathülle

Yoghurt snack in alginate casing

Formed cheese products


Variety and efficiency with practical additional equipment, accessories and equipment options


UVC ambient air degermination module

Automatische Überwachung Produktqualität

Automatic product quality monitoring

Vernetzungs-Software HCU Industrie 4.0

HCU Industry 4.0 networking software

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