DV 85-1 dosing valve

The dosing valve for accurate-to-the-gram dosing

Dosing various product masses and product shapes
The DV 85-1 allows the flexible dosing and separating of different product masses from fluid to pasty as well as products with chunky inserts. Hot fillings up to 90 degrees Celsius and various outlet variants further expand the scope for product and production. Portion sizes of 5 to 200,000 g can be optimally dosed. The easy-to-control ejection speed directly on the dosing valve ensures excellent and appealing product presentation at all times.

Accurate-to-the-gram and gentle dosing
Permanent portioning accuracy to the gram for all products is guaranteed by the precise feed system of the Handtmann vacuum filler. This gentle feed principle with optimum product protection produces a reproducible, first-class product appearance and quality.

Safe, ergonomic and hygienic dosing
The simple operation and ergonomic design of the dosing valve with individually adjustable working height endures fatigue-free working. It is also the only hand dosing valve on the market that can guarantee CE-compliant working at all times – with or without the use of round or star-shaped nozzles. The dosing valve also ensures hygienic safety thanks to its full design in stainless steel and detectable plastic.


Top features

5 - 200.000 g

Portion size

up to 90 °C

Filling product temperature

25 bar

Filling pressure

Your advantages

  • Excellent versatility thanks to the option of choosing from two outlet variants for pasty and fluid products

  • Optimal handling thanks to running wheels, split hose and ergonomic design of the handle.

  • Significant cost reduction due to accurate-to-the-gram portioning of all products.

  • Flexible dosing solution for a wide variety of container formats

  •  First-class, appetising product quality thanks to a gentle portioning and dosing principle

  • Excellent hygiene conditions and safe working at all times and with all versions

Applications and Product examples

Experience the diversity A suitable solution for every application. Whether be it meat, dairy, convenience, pet food, fish, confectionary, and more.


Dips and sauces

Lentil soup


Delicatessen salads




Pasty pet food products

Additional equipment and accessories

Various nozzles

Various nozzles

Storage in the parts trolley

Storage in the parts trolley

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