Manifold dosing accurate to the gram

For products of different consistency into various containers

Exact depositing is one of the key factors for success, especially with high-quality raw materials. Whether it be liquid or pasty products, with or without inserts, single or multi-lane through to a mobile solution – dosing products accurate to the gram is one of the core areas of expertise of Handtmann.

Дозировочная станция DS 551 Handtmann с распределителем массы

DS 551 depositing station

For multi-lane dosing with accurate weights of fillings onto dough sheet lines or into containers

Система дозирования VDM Handtmann

VDM depositing system

The system for automatic and multi-lane dosing

4-lane version

SV 424 cutting valve

Dosing of pasty and small-piece products onto 2 or 4 lanes

2-lane version

SV 425 cutting valve

1 or 2 lane dosing of large-piece products

Ручной дозирующий вентиль Handtmann

Hand dosing valve

For flexible dosing of products with a wide variety of surface structures into containers, or the depositing/dosing of sauces, toppings etc.

4-way filling flow divider

FST 544, FST 545 and FST 546 filling flow divider

Multi-lane continuous and singular dosing of a wide variety of filling products

Дозировочная головка 85-2 Handtmann

85-2 dosing head

For exact dosing and separating of pasty to semi-viscous products with inserts.

For small-scale, medium-scale and industrial producers

Curved can filling arm

For clean and effective filling and portioning of products into standard DIN cans