Handtmann Premium cutting set

5-part Premium Handtmann cutting set for the Handtmann GD 451 and GD 93-3 inline grinding systems with optional digital cutting set management

Handtmann inline grinding technology can be integrated into the production process for process and quality optimisation in the production of meat and sausage products, vegetarian/vegan products and cheese or vegetable products. The original Premium Handtmann cutting set ensures a gentle, precise and energy-efficient cutting process of the raw material with only minimal product heating. The optimum Premium Handtmann cutting set geometry achieves a significant reduction in pressure within the grinder housing, resulting in a perfect product appearance with uniform grain size. The optionally applicable and optimally coordinated separating function additionally ensures a high-quality and reliable end product. The original Premium Handtmann cutting set not only increases product quality, it also optimises cutting performance and offers simplified handling as well as process monitoring and documentation.

Optimum hole plate geometry for excellent product quality
The sophisticated geometry of the premium hole plate results in a pressure-reduced and thus gentle flow of the material through the hole plate. The reduced friction provides additional product protection and hygiene benefits.

Low-wear and flow-optimised Premium Handtmann cutting set parts

The optimised pre-cutter geometry achieves the optimum flow of material into the Premium Handtmann cutting set. The asymmetrical blade arrangement on the premium blades then ensures an even cut. The streamlined design of the channel on the blade arms also guarantees the targeted drainage and discharge of gristle and sinew. The design of the cross-type support ensures that the support arms do not cover any holes on the final hole plate, thus the material flows freely over the entire free surface and smearing spots as well as deposits are avoided. The optimised driving collar in the Premium Handtmann cutting set also enables easier and thus more cost-effective re-sharpening of the blades. The Premium Handtmann cutting set provides excellent product quality and reduces costs at the same time.

Installation coding prevents damage and secures process

The direction of installation for hole plates, cross-type support and blades is specified by a mechanical installation coding, so that the parts can only be used in the correct installation direction. This prevents incorrect installation and the corresponding consequential damage to parts and filling material and ensures a flawless production process with consistent results. 

Process monitoring and documentation through labelling 

Each Premium Handtmann cutting set is labelled to enable clear assignment to the respective vacuum filling machine and product. This allows the performance parameters of the Premium Handtmann cutting set to be seamlessly documented and monitored and provides great added value in terms of re-sharpening cycles of the Premium Handtmann cutting set, process monitoring and fault minimisation, as any irregularities are detected in advance.

Digital cutting set management for process reliability and product safety

In combination with the HCU software solution, full documentation, evaluation and management of the Premium Handtmann cutting sets is also possible. The documented performance parameters and flow rates of the PH cutting set provide full transparency of the cutting process and consequently process reliability and product safety along with fault minimisation.

Optimum with separate vacuum filler and inline grinding system drives

The unique feature of Handtmann inline grinding system technology is the separately controllable drive of vacuum filler and inline grinding system. This facilitates the separate adjustment of portioning speed and cutting speed to optimally match the product. The original Premium Handtmann cutting set versions implement this perfectly and their performance is thus further refined.


from 1.0 to 13 mm

hole diameter
Hole plates

5-part cutting sets


Top advantages

  • Everything from a single source and thus optimally coordinated: Original 5-part Premium Handtmann cutting set, inline grinding system, separator and vacuum filler

  • Significant increase in process reliability and product safety due to installation safety through mechanical installation coding

  • Consistently excellent product quality thanks to product protection through pressure reduction, minimised friction and optimum flow of the product through the hole plates

  • Reduction of costs and wear due to optimised flow, uniform cutting, optimum mixing effect and separation and discharge of gristle

  • Process monitoring through digital cutting set management in combination with the Handtmann Communication Unit (HCU)

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