Handtmann Inotec String

Original string for Handtmann Inotec tying machines directly from the manufacturer.

One-stop solution directly from the manufacturer: tying machines and original string. The ideal concept for a reliable and thus continuously high production output, because the original Inotec string reliably ensures maximum tying capacity of up to 280 portions per minute. The roll end detection monitors the string quantity and automatically stops the tying machine at the end of the string roll. The Inotec string allows for a wide range of tying variations, such as short or long products, small or large spacing, with or without loop and much more. The large selection of colours perfectly underlines the appearance of the respective product. It unfolds its full effect especially with products “like handmade”.

Handtmann Inotec string

High productivity thanks to string and tying machine from a single source

Tying performance at a high-output industrial level is consistently and reliably achieved with the original, high-quality Handtmann Inotec string and tying machine, facilitated by the roll end detection that automatically stops the tying machine at the end of the string roll. Rejects and unnecessary pauses are thus effectively prevented. The high meterage of the string rolls reduces the need for changeovers. Changing the string is a matter of a few simple steps. The loops are automatically created from the string, eliminating the need to purchase additional loop material. This ensures a continuous and economically efficient production process.  

Wide range of tying variations and patterns

The Inotec tying system permits the free adjustment of spacings and loop positions between the products. Empty or hanging loops can also be individually integrated, which are automatically created from the string during the production process.

Variety in terms of appearance and “like handmade” effect for industrially produced products

All product types can be reliably tied in all casing materials, such as natural, collagen and artificial casing with the Inotec string. The twine is available in many colours and variations (plain or bi-colour). It optimally underlines the desired visual appearance of the respective product, thus achieving the popular “like handmade” appearance even for industrially produced products.


1.0 mm

Twine size

approx. 260 m

Meterage per roll

Top advantages

  • High productivity on an industrial level through optimum coordination of tying machine and original Inotec String

  • High-quality string for a variety of products in natural, collagen and artificial casing

  • Complete food-grade quality through FDA and EU certificate

  • Versatile process and product design options through custom tying patterns, loops and string variants

Applications and Product examples

Experience the diversity A suitable solution for every application. Whether meat, dairy, convenience, pet food, fish, confectionary or more.


Handtmann tied sausage products

Tied sausage products

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