Minced meat depositor: GEA Flexloader

Fully automatic depositing of minced meat portions and products into thermo-forming machines

GEA Flexloader minced meat portioning line

The Handtmann minced meat line can be easily integrated into an automatic overall process with portioning, collating and depositing into thermo-forming machines or other similar packaging machines. The turnkey solution for reliable and economical minced meat production from portioning accurate to the gram to reliable depositing into thermo-forming machines: Handtmann GMD 99-2 or GMD 99-3 minced meat portioning line, in perfect synchronisation with GEA Flexloader.

Top features

2,500 g

Portion weight

up to 80 mm

Product height

up to 250 mm

Product width

up to 600 mm

Product length

Top advantages

  • Precise collating and multi-lane depositing of the minced meat portions with GEA FlexLoader.
  • Simple operating concept due to synchronisation with Handtmann minced meat portioning line and thermo-forming machine
  • Ideal product positioning facilitated by portion monitoring by the intelligent distance measuring system
  • Easy to switch to other format configurations via saved product programmes
  • Flat products can be shingled or stacked either lengthwise or crosswise

Applications and Product examples

Experience the diversity A suitable solution for every application

Minced meat portions

Minced meat in a tray

Minced meat portions

Minced meat in a tray

Rib burger

Rib burgers



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