VF 800 pre-clean nozzle

Cleaning solution for wet cleaning of hopper and vane cell feed system of a VF 800 vacuum filler

Dry production environment during wet cleaning

The pre-clean nozzle is a practical piece of accessories for wet cleaning the hopper and vane cell feed system of VF 800 series vacuum fillers. The cleaning procedure takes place directly on site on the machine, there is no need to remove the machine from production and take it to a wet room. This saves a considerable amount of effort and time, especially in overall line solutions. The production area stays absolutely dry, which is of particular importance in sensitive production environments, such as bakeries.

Quick product change and product type purity

Product diversity and small batches imply frequent product changes. Varying initial products and small residues in hopper and feed system impair product type purity, which the straightforward cleaning solution with the pre-clean nozzle helps maintain.

Easy and straightforward handling

The pre-clean nozzle is simple connected with a quick-release lock to the outlet of the VF 800 vacuum filler. The pipe bend is clamped to the upper edge of the hopper. As a result, the flushing water can be pumped in a closed circuit. Coarse contamination is effectively removed and the feed system rinsed.

Impeccable production hygiene

The cleaning procedure or the flushing time can be adapted to suit individual requirements. After the required flushing time, the pipe bend is removed from the hopper and the flushing water drained via the nozzle with pipe bend into a container or a gutter. Thus, cleaning water and product residues are effectively prevented from spilling onto the floor or into the production environment. The risk of mould formation when coming into contact with products, such as flour dust, is eliminated and perfect hygienic production conditions are ensured.



Your advantages

  • Saves time and effort through cleaning of the VF 800 hopper and feed system directly on the machine on site in production (e.g. overall line solutions)

  • Dry production environment in spite of wet cleaning in sensitive production environments (e.g. bakeries)

  • Product type purity despite frequent product changes and small production batches

  • Hygienically impeccable production environment without contamination from product residues or flushing water

  • Targeted and thus clean draining and disposal of flushing water into container or gutter

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