Vegetarian products

A wide variety of vegan and vegetarian products

Vegan and vegetarian diets are gaining importance worldwide. Flexitarians choose products made from vegetarian meat alternatives – vegetarian meat. Use Handtmann technology to produce a versatile vegan and vegetarian product range or faux meat. Appearance, structure and taste are always excellent. Whether portioned and dosed accurate to the gram, co-extruded, formed, cut or linked. With Handtmann, the scope for vegetarian products and new product ideas is immense – and trend products provide potential for increased market share.

Vegetarian sausages

Vegetarian sausages

Vegetarian fried sausage, wieners and more in alginate casing


Tofu products

Tofu bars, portions, balls and more

Puff pastry pocket


Vegetable, cheese and other fillings

Vegetable burgers

Formed products

Wide range of formed products, including vegetable burgers, balls, sticks, gnocchi, cereal bars and more

Potatoes au gratin

Chunky products

Potatoes au gratin and other vegetables

Mashed potato

Mashes, pasty products and the like

Mashed potatoes, spinach and more