Solution: Formed products

Формователь для продуктов круглых и овальных форм RF 440 с вакуумным наполнителем VF 600

RF 440 round former for burgers and balls with homemade qual

Automatic production with homemade quality

Система для формования FS 520 Handtmann с вакуумным наполнителем VF 800

Burgers and dumplings in different shapes and sizes

Fully automatic production on 6 to 8 lanes

Система для формования FS 521 Handtmann с вакуумным наполнителем VF 800

Forming systems for dumplings and balls in many sizes

FS 521 forming system for multi-lane production directly in water/oil bath or other systems

Система для формования FS 522 Handtmann с вакуумным наполнителем VF 800

FS 522 forming machine for burgers and balls

Automatic production on 2 lanes

Устройство для формования клецек 79-0 Handtmann

Dumpling forming device with double diaphragm

Dumpling forming device attached directly to the vacuum filler for production of dumplings and balls

Handtmann MBF1 round former with VF 600 vacuum filler

MBF1 forming machine for formed fish products

1 lane production through to packaging