People at Handtmann

Those who work at Handtmann profit in a wide variety of ways, with compelling benefits.

Motivated employees form the basis of our success. Therefore people are the central focus at the Handtmann family company.

We help you to organise the different phases of life and, in this way, we want to play our part in improving the work/family balance.

Those who work at Handtmann profit in a wide variety of ways, with compelling benefits.


Market-oriented pay

Good work should be rewarded. Therefore it is important to us that all Handtmann employees receive market-oriented, performance-related pay.

Retirement provision

Retirement provision

Well-provided for in old age: Handtmann supports its employees with contributions to a working pension scheme and with the opportunity for deferred compensation. For every employee who has worked for the company for five years, Handtmann sets up a company pension that can be used later to supplement the state pension.

Family & Career

Flexible working time

Whether in the office or on the production line: it must be possible to achieve a balance between work and private life. Therefore Handtmann not only offers a wide variety of flexible working time models but also the opportunity to save working hours in lifetime accounts and then reduce working hours later. This gives the freedom to organise work and family better during certain phases in life.

Workplace health management

We want our employees to keep healthy. Therefore Handtmann operates an extensive workplace health management policy, ranging from working safety and the company medical service, to healthy workplace design and preventative courses.

Further training

Further training

The more successful our employees are, the more successful our company will also be. We therefore offer an open programme of seminars with a large number of interesting courses, in-house training programmes and good development opportunities for employees and managerial staff. Those who decide to study at university or attend a training course alongside their job are supported by Handtmann. The SRH Fernhochschule in Riedlingen is one cooperation partner for courses of study alongside the job.


Employee catering

The Handtmann facility canteens serve employees a large selection of tasty and healthy dishes. The employer subsidies paid by Handtmann make it possible to provide good quality at low prices.

Junge Eltern

Young parents

Parenthood and work – two aspects of life that are not always easily reconcilable. Childcare needs to be reorganised at short notice? The only possible paediatrician appointment is halfway through the working day? It is not impossible to solve these and other issues. Handtmann would like to find ways with you so that work and parenthood can go hand in hand.

Pflegende Angehörige

Relatives who provide nursing care

Nursing relatives is a task that demands everything from the caregiver 24 hours a day. It is important to Handtmann to support employees with nursing responsibilities within the scope of the possibilities.

Lebenslanges Lernen

Lifelong learning

There is no age at which people do not want to exploit their personal potential, learn new things and further develop their skills. As an employer, Handtmann benefits from your desire to continue your education. That is why we are happy to support you in your development.

Arbeitnehmer 55+

Employees aged 55+

Senior employees and their professional experience are important and valuable for our company. We know that in the mid-50s certain aspects of life need to be reset. Every age demands a conscientious use of one’s own resources. Handtmann would like to find ways with you so that your personal situation and your work can be easily reconciled.