Teameinsteller Druckguss

“I quickly made a career at Handtmann”

Michael Pahl, Team Setter High-Pressure Die Casting at Albert Handtmann Metallgusswerk GmbH & Co. KG

“I’ve been training to become an industrial mechanic at Handtmann since 2011. Immediately after completing my apprenticeship, I was taken on by the company and was able to choose one of three jobs on offer. I opted for the division of high-pressure die casting at Handtmann Metallgusswerk. I had to learn a lot for my present job, including about robots, spray systems, system operation, metal flow properties and alloys. You go through a second training, as it were, before you really master this profession.

I quickly made a career for myself at Handtmann and rose from trainee to shift leader in a relatively short space of time. Together with my colleagues, I’m responsible for setting the machines and the quality of our products.

I like how varied my work is. The unexpected always crops up. We’re constantly having to solve problems with machines so that everything runs smoothly. It’s a lot of fun ensuring that things function really well. And I’m proud when we’ve been able to overcome all the challenges.

As a shift leader, I need to know more than just the technical aspects. I also have to keep the processes in view and ensure that workers have been assigned to all machines. Managing people was a bit difficult for me to begin with because I was the youngest person on the shift. However, I was able to earn the respect of my older colleagues thanks to my technical knowledge and acquired skills. And if things really do result in a conflict, I address it openly. So everyone gets on well with each other.

It’s clear that Handtmann is run as a family company. The humanity and friendliness can be sensed throughout the business. That’s seldom seen in companies of this size. Both of these things would be my main reasons for recommending Handtmann as an employer. The work environment is pleasant, the relationship with colleagues and line managers good. We also speak to each other as equals, regardless of whether a departmental head, group leader, team leader or caster. What’s more, the tasks are never boring.

The many opportunities for training and development are also important to me. For me, becoming a technician would be interesting. Because then I’d have even more options within the Handtmann Group of Companies.”