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“Because working here is fun”

Nina Matzkat, Purchasing Clerk at Handtmann Metallgusswerk

“I first trained as a wholesale and export clerk in a small company. I applied to Handtmann in 2014 because I wanted to work for a larger company, particularly because of the better chances of promotion. I was so happy when I got the job.

At Handtmann Metallgusswerk, I am mainly responsible for the purchasing of external castings, in other words for all parts that are not cast at Handtmann in Biberach. I also have a lot to do with our factory in Annaberg. I negotiate the internal billing prices with the colleagues there. I enter them into our system and also check whether Annaberg has entered the same prices. The instructing of service providers who machine the surfaces of our cast parts also falls within my area.

It’s fun having a new challenge every day and working with lots of different people. I get on really well with all my colleagues, both here in Biberach and in Annaberg. I also maintain good contacts with the other external suppliers.

The opportunities for promotion and development are just as I imagined. For example, I’m currently attending an English course. There are other interesting offers as well, such as a writing workshop or courses on telephone communication. These help me in my everyday work and develop me on a personal level.

The flexible working hours and flexi-time are a benefit for me. You don’t find that everywhere. I also feel really good at my workstation. The working environment is fantastic. I had a quick and thorough orientation, which motivated me a lot. Everybody helps everyone here. I am also well supported by my manager. I can always get professional advice and discuss important decisions.

Handtmann has a good reputation and rightly so. The company is very employee-friendly, offers good social benefits and is committed to training and development. I’m truly inspired and would advise friends to apply. Simply because working here is fun.”