“Handtmann is a family-friendly company”

Astrid Göddert, Industrial Clerk at Albert Handtmann Elteka GmbH & Co. KG

“I completed my training to become an industrial clerk at Handtmann back in 1992. After that, I was taken on as an Industrial Clerk at Handtmann Elteka, where I really enjoyed working. My children were born in 1997 and 2000, and I spent six years at home - in those days, that was still called parental leave. I was lucky to start work on a part-time basis at Elteka again afterwards. And also because I was able to attend computer courses, which Handtmann offers its employees, during my time out from work. I was therefore well prepared to start work again.

I’ve been in full-time employment again for a few years now. I’m responsible for several areas, supporting my colleagues in Production Planning, Production Control, Goods Receipt and temporarily in Controlling. I am also responsible for organising the work clothing of all employees. My varied tasks fill my day and are a lot of fun. I like working with people a lot, so camaraderie is very important to me. Over the years, I've had various managers at Handtmann and every single one of them was willing to listen to problems of a professional or private nature.

Handtmann has always supported my goal to work and also be there for my children. I can make use of my flexible working time when the kids are ill, when there are family or school matters to take care of in the early morning or occasionally in the early afternoon. That really helps me to strike a good balance between family and career. I experience Handtmann as being a very family-friendly company.

My husband also works at Handtmann, just like my father used to. That’s why Handtmann is a real “family company” for me. At the moment, I can’t imagine working anywhere else. My life has been closely involved with this company and these people over so many years. I'd like my children to also start their professional careers here. But they’re not at that point in their lives yet.

I think it’s great that Handtmann does something for people’s health. There are regular courses on topics such as fitness and nutrition. When my time allows, I take part in these activities and try to use the tips in everyday life.

Handtmann is a forward-looking and diverse company. I’ve experienced growth at Handtmann Elteka and can only say that it’s fun working for this company. Because for me, growth also means having a secure job. And a secure job means satisfaction, balance, commitment and looking positively towards the future. For me personally, it feels good to know that Handtmann is still family-owned and hopefully will remain so long into the future.”