“I can only recommend Handtmann to others”

Adrian Mientus, Mould Preparer at Albert Handtmann Elteka GmbH & Co. KG

“I come from Upper Silesia (Poland), moved to Germany when I as 17 years old and first learned the job of fitter at another company. I then applied to work at Handtmann Elteka in 1991 and was accepted straight away.

I’ve worked may way up all these years and have been able to achieve a good salary. I used to work as a caster, but had to change to mould preparation for health reasons. I clean and check the moulds so that they can be used for plastic casting again, such as for the rollers of cableways or machine parts made from plastic. If a mould is broken, I also organise the repairs.

The workplaces are correct, safe and as clean as they can be in a production facility. The supervisors ensure that we wear safety shoes, gloves and hearing protection. Occupational safety is very important here.

I think it’s good that the factory manager makes a tour of the entire premises every morning. He greets everyone and asks if there are any problems. That means I can speak to him if the foreman isn’t available, for example. When training courses are offered, the management approaches the employees in person to ask if anyone is interested in attending them. At Handtmann, they take care of the employees. That’s a major advantage for me.

If my health remains OK, I still have a few years left in me yet. I’d like to develop myself and take on other duties. I've already discussed this with my boss.

My work is fun because the working environment and the team are good. The company is great, and I can only recommend it to others. Handtmann is one of the best companies in the district, also because it’s a family company.”