Diplomingenieur Produktionstechnik/Auftragsbearbeitung

“You’re a person and not a number”

Markus Hartmann, Graduate Engineer in Production Technology/Order Processing at Handtmann Armaturenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

“My brother recommended Handtmann to me in 1997 and told me about a vacancy at the Armaturenfabrik. I submitted an application and was immediately given a position in Production Technology. My task area has developed constantly ever since. I support the construction of our facilities – from inquiries to our suppliers to sales. For example, I decide which parts we will make ourselves and which we will buy in. I organise the conversion to production, prepare parts lists, provide support with work planning and ensure that all necessary equipment and programs are available.

The variety makes my work interesting and it is never boring. Because I deal with all departments on matters such as clarifying technical details or buying parts, I come into contact with a lot of people. It’s far from being a pure desk job – which I like. I also have lots of leeway for taking decisions, which lets me think and decide independently and bring my experiences to bear.

There are good opportunities for development and promotion at Handtmann. Those who build up their knowledge and develop themselves are given corresponding options here. I also really appreciate how the employees actively bring about change and are able to help shape the future of Handtmann Armaturenfabrik together.

I’ve experienced Handtmann to be a humane and reliable employer. Handtmann also has several legs to stand on with the various companies. Many people only know about the Maschinenfabrik or the Metallgusswerk. Only when they have close dealings with Handtmann do they see the full diversity of the company. For example, the Armaturenfabrik is actually the branch with the longest tradition and gave rise to the entire group of companies.

Handtmann is a forward-looking company that is constantly developing and re-aligning itself as well as looking for new markets. I take a very positive view of that because it means my job is secure. I mainly experience Handtmann’s character as a family company through my interaction with colleagues and managers. Everyone works in a friendly way and on an equal footing. For me, the size of Handtmann Armaturenfabrik is very nice. You're a person and not a number.”