Assistentin Projektleitung

“Handtmann is a family company and you can feel that”

Ju Yeon Kang, Project Management Assistant at Handtmann A-Punkt Automation GmbH

 “I come from South Korea and graduated in German Studies. I was already in contact with Handtmann while working at my previous employer, the former trading partner of Handtmann A-Punkt in South Korea. In 2012, I started working as a project management assistant here in Baienfurt.

My primary responsibilities are sales and project management. Above all I support those project leaders at A-Punkt who are in contact with South Korean customers and, of course, the sales employees for South Korea.

I really like the work I do at Handtmann. I work closely with my colleagues and communication is very well coordinated. The relationship between the individual levels of the hierarchy is also less formal than in Asian companies. It is open and honest. What’s also nice for me is that I don’t just work in the office but can also travel to South Korea from time to time.

We recently won a follow-on project from a very large Korean company in the aviation industry, beating the competition in the process. The customer was very satisfied with the delivered milling centre. It feels good when we get such an order and achieve a positive result. That kind of thing really motivates me.

Handtmann is a family company and you can feel that. I’m impressed by its long tradition and over 100 years of history. For me, it means that the company is particularly stable and focused on the long term. The employees here have a special importance, almost like family members.”