Sachbearbeiterin Debitorenbuchhaltung

“We are a great team”

Silvana Henle, Accounts Receivable Accounting Clerk at Handtmann Service GmbH & Co. KG

“I did my first training to become an industrial clerk at Handtmann. I then retrained to become a travel merchant and spent a few years being a mother and housewife. It wasn’t easy to find a good job after that instead of just small jobs on the side. The job centre prepared me for my return to work by sending me on a course. Handtmann provided me a place for the subsequent mandatory internship - and so I started back at Handtmann in 2012.

First, I had a three-month contract for a position in Accounts Receivable Accounting. From there on, things went step by step. There followed an annual contract, my own work area and finally a permanent part-time position. I work in a team of four women who share jobs. The flexible working time arrangements with a flexi-time model enable us to combine work and family well.

As an employee in the accounts receivable department, I take care of recording payments received from our customers. My colleagues and I are also responsible for the dunning process. We also regularly raise complaints with customers over the phone about outstanding payments and demand payment of the amounts due. We are responsible for all companies of the Handtmann Group, so we work with a wide range of different customers - from butcher’s shops to breweries and large industrial firms.

What I like the best is that I can mostly work independently and manage my own time. It's never boring here. The collaboration at Handtmann is really good. We’re a great team. I also get on well with the colleagues of the individual Handtmann companies. We regularly work jointly in so-called “debtor rounds” and try to optimise incoming payments together.

Our manager really looks out for us, for example, when we need new headsets or screens. The workplaces are very modern on the whole. The canteen, with its range of fresh, tasty food, is also handy. What’s more, the working climate is very family-like. I have the feeling of being on an equal footing with everyone here.

I can only say good things about Handtmann as an employer. I have three children and was given the opportunity to return to work here on a part-time basis. We also have a great seminar program so you can keep on developing yourself. That helped me a lot at the start. I also attended special telephone trainings for the dunning process as well as English courses. The health courses are super, as are the Handtmann health days. What’s very important for me: Handtmann is constantly growing. Things never stand still here. The company builds and invests. That gives me the feeling my job is secure.