Technologische Prozessbetreuung

Responsible for Technological Process Support in Annaberg

 “Handtmann offers its employees fair pay and lots of social benefits – from building up a long-term account through to an occupational old-age pension. The training and development programme is excellent. Having trained as a technician, I was able to start the next training right away and am now taking part in the company’s own management programme. What’s more, the work environment is very close and personal. I’d be happy to continue at Handtmann in the same vein and be able to develop myself further here in the future.”

Assistentin Projektleitung

Project Management Assistant at A-Punkt

“Handtmann is a family company and you can feel that. I’m impressed by its long tradition and over 100 years of history. For me, it means that the company is particularly stable and focused on the long term. The employees here have a special importance, almost like family members.”

Diplomingenieur Produktionstechnik/Auftragsbearbeitung

Graduate Engineer in Production Technology/Order Processing

“Handtmann is a forward-looking company that is constantly developing and re-aligning itself as well as looking for new markets. I take a very positive view of that because it means my job is secure. I mainly experience Handtmann’s character as a family company through my interaction with colleagues and managers. Everyone works in a friendly way and on an equal footing. For me, the size of Handtmann Armaturenfabrik is very nice. You're a person and not a number.”

Fachkraft für Arbeitssicherheit und Umweltschutz

Specialist for Occupation Safety & Environmental Protection

 “I experience Handtmann as an employer in really positive terms. I get the impression that the individual employee in this family company plays a bigger role than in other companies which primarily focus on their market value. I’ve come across a lot of people I know here who also like working at Handtmann. That reassures me that I have taken the right step."

Systembetreuerin und Programmiererin

System Manager and Programmer at Maschinenfabrik

 “Working at Handtmann is like being part of a family. The machine factory is not too big and many things can be quickly and easily solved. It isn’t always just about profit – people are also taken into consideration. We’re professionally organised and work with state-of-the-art hardware and software. At the same time, there’s enough flexibility to be able to address the needs of the individual employees. I’m happy with my work, the opportunities for further development and with the salary trends, and hope that things will continue for me as they are.”

Bereichsleiter Vertrieb und Entwicklung

Head of the Sales and Development division at Systemtechnik

 “Naturally, there’s a lot of competition. We’re up against real global corporations. But instead of writing requests and proposals, we can achieve a lot here in a short space of time. I find that fun. Handtmann Systemtechnik is not a tanker but a speedboat. And this speed and flexibility also account for our success with the customers. Between 2013 and 2015, we more than doubled our sales. Of course, that’s not just down to me. But it’s great to be part of this success.”

Geschäftsführer Handtmann Metallgusswerk

Managing Director of Handtmann Metallgusswerk

“I would summarise my many years at Handtmann by saying that you can achieve a lot here if you want to. The Handtmann family places considerable trust in us, which as far as I can tell is rare or non-existent in other companies. This trust shown towards employees and managers is Handtmann’s recipe for success. What’s more, all the people here are appreciated. This combination of social factors, technological competence and business success makes Handtmann attractive to applicants from around the world.”

Teameinsteller Druckguss

Team Setter High-Pressure Die Casting at Metallgusswerk

“It’s clear that Handtmann is run as a family company. The humanity and friendliness can be sensed throughout the business. That’s seldom seen in companies of this size. Both of these things would be my main reasons for recommending Handtmann as an employer.”


Mould Preparer at Handtmann Elteka

“I think it’s good that the factory manager makes a tour of the entire premises every morning. He greets everyone and asks if there are any problems. That means I can speak to him if the foreman isn’t available, for example. When training courses are offered, the management approaches the employees in person to ask if anyone is interested in attending them. At Handtmann, they take care of the employees. That’s a major advantage for me.”