Fifth Generation leads Handtmann Group of Companies

The fourth and fifth generation of Managing Directors of the Handtmann Group of Companies (from left to right): Markus Handtmann, Thomas Handtmann, Valentin Ulrich

Markus Handtmann and Valentin Ulrich represent the fifth generation of the Handtmann family to take on management of the Handtmann Group of Companies with headquarters in Biberach an der Riß on 1st April 2023. At the end of June 2023, the current Managing Partner of Handtmann Holding, Thomas Handtmann, will move to the Advisory Board of the family-owned company.

Thomas Handtmann can look back on 25 successful years as Managing Director of the Handtmann Group of Companies. He took over the management of the family business from his father Arthur Handtmann in 1998, and Handtmann has seen considerable growth ever since then. Turnover has more than quadrupled from 249 million euros to 1.1 billion euros today. The headcount increased from 1,592 to 4,265 in 2022 – a growth of 268 percent, distributed over six divisions in total: Light Metal Casting, Filling and Portioning Systems, System Engineering, Process Technology, Plastics Engineering and e-solutions.

Handtmann today has production sites not only in the Upper Swabia region of Germany, but also a number of national and international locations, such as Reutlingen, Zittau and Annaberg-Buchholz (Germany), Košice and Kechnec (Slovakia), Hluk (Czech Republic) or Tianjin (China). The group of companies has expanded significantly over the past decades, the establishment of new foundries in Slovakia and China or the acquisition of today’s Handtmann e-solutions in Ochsenhausen (Germany) constituting just a few examples here.

“From a medium-sized enterprise in Upper Swabia, we have developed into an internationally operating technology company. What is important to me personally is that throughout this time we have always been a family business. And what this means is not only that the group of companies continues to be family-owned and family-run, but that the working climate at Handtmann is very family-like and that many people at Handtmann have a strong sense of belonging. It is the people that make Handtmann. They are the key to our success,” explains Thomas Handtmann.

As of April, Valentin Ulrich and Markus Handtmann will be appointed additional Managing Directors of Handtmann Holding. At the end of June, 70-year-old Thomas Handtmann will move to the Advisory Boards and transfer responsibility for the group of companies to his nephew and son. “Although I greatly enjoy dealing with all kinds of people and issues on a daily basis, I also look forward to being able to cut back a bit in the future and spend more time with my family. In any case, I will remain closely tied and committed to the company,” continues Thomas Handtmann.

He believes his succession to be in good hands. The two new managing directors both have mechanical engineering and management experience and have already held various management positions at Handtmann as well as other companies. “The Handtmann Group of Companies operates widely diversified, is a strong investor and employs a large number of enthusiastic people. They are the key to the past and future success of Handtmann. We are very pleased to be leading this team from now on,” comments Markus Handtmann, and his cousin Valentin Ulrich adds to this: “What distinguishes Handtmann are our values, our passion, our unbridled tech-savviness, the prime positions in our markets – and, above all, our employees. We will make ample use of these excellent premises to further develop the group of companies with success.”

When asked for their plans, the two are unanimous: “Topics such as internationalisation, innovation, digitalisation and openness to new ways of working are crucial for the future of Handtmann. We will be investing in these and other areas to create sustainable long-term value for our customers, our employees, society and our group of companies,” states Valentin Ulrich. Markus Handtmann summarises: “Our goal is to position Handtmann well for the future so that we can continue moving forward on the path to success.”