Management statements from all Handtmann Business Divisions

Here you will find management statements about the anniversary and the generation change. 


Portrait Thomas Handtmann


2023 will be a special year for me and the Handtmann Group of Companies: not only is the 150th anniversary of the company coming up, but also a generational change in the management of the corporate group.

I look forward to transferring responsibility for the corporate group to the representatives of the fifth generation in good time. Valentin and Markus are open to new things, have acquired a broad horizon and - what is important - they get along well. Both have a flair for business, but also for people.


Portrait - Fifth generation Handtmann


We are grateful and moved to be able to take on this task as a team of two.

As the future generation, we can all build on a strong foundation together at Handtmann. We are leaders in our markets and technologies, and have a strong organisation with committed employees.

Our broad positioning brings security, but also many challenges that we have mastered for 150 years. Now we have to lay the foundation for another 150 successful years.

We have made growth, internationalisation and new technologies our watchwords.

At Handtmann, we are tackling these issues together in the face of global challenges. We want to shape a corporate culture in which people can actively participate in shaping their own future and the shared working world. That is what motivates us.


Dr. Robert Omagbemi Managing Director Handtmann Service


The 150th anniversary of the Handtmann Group of Companies has a special significance in the history of German family businesses. The steady and economically successful of the development of the corporate group is accompanied by a generation change, which is rare and impressive even for family-run companies. After 25 years of Thomas Handtmann hands over to the fifth generation. Thomas Handtmann's influence on the development of the business areas and the development of the company and leadership culture is considerable and enjoys the highest recognition. The fith generation with Markus Handtmann and Valentin Ulrich is excellently well equipped to lead this life's work into the future. We are all behind them, the family and the company - we are Handtmann.


Hermann Hahn Managing Director Handtmann Service


Handtmann is a diversified technology company. The enthusiasm and implementation of ideas with a future unites all Handtmann companies. Professional and future-oriented workflows and processes are just as much a building block as the combination of traditional and progressive values. The combination of tradition and future has sustained the company for generations and years.

The anniversary offers the opportunity to reflect on/resume what has been achieved and to build on this to shape what is to come. 

I wish the "next gen" every success and the necessary luck to continue the Handtmann success story.

May Thomas Handtmann retain his incredible entrepreneurial flair in the next phase of his life and many thanks for the great trust he places in his employees.

Harald Suchanka & Dr. Mark Betzold Managing Directors Handtmann Filling and Portioning Systems

Harald Suchanka - Mark Betzold Managing Director Handtmann Maschinenfabrik

Harald Suchanka:

"We are Handtmann". That already describes everything that makes Handtmann what it is today and what has made it great: cohesion. We are proud to be part of this wonderfully diverse international family and thank the Handtmann family and Thomas Handtmann in particular on behalf of all employees for their commitment and trust in our business. Regionality and globality, tradition and innovation are corporate culture in action, and so vision is also always mission and an incentive for us to contribute all our skills to sustainable and long-term growth. For a successful continuation of 150 years of Handtmann. All our support goes to Valentin Ulrich and Markus Handtmann, who have agreed to lead Handtmann in the fifth generation. We are convinced they will continue the success story and congratulate them warmly on the company's anniversary.

Dr. Mark Betzold:

150 years of Handtmann are 150 years of passion for technology. But passion for technology does not automatically mean success. It requires stamina when the going gets tough, confidence in one's own innovative strength when one fails and, above all, good cooperation and mutual support when it comes to tackling problems and looking ahead. These virtues are Handtmann culture in action and make 150 years of success possible - always exemplified by the Handtmann family, whom we congratulate on the company's anniversary and thank on behalf of all employees. Thomas Handtmann for his tireless work and Valentin Ulrich and Markus Handtmann for their willingness to lead the family business into the future in the fith generation.

Wolfgang Schmidt Chairman of the Management Board Handtmann Light Metal Casting / Handtmann Systems Engineering

Wolfgang Schmidt Managing Director Handtmann Metallgusswerk


150 years of Handtmann. A success story with many beautiful, emotional, but also challenging years. We have internalised the slogan "Ideas for the future", because that is precisely our way of continuing to operate successfully on the market in the future and continuing to write this success story. Innovation has been our driving force from the very beginning. Our roots have always kept us down-to-earth. We live this tradition.

Our development is closely linked to the Handtmann family, which has made high investments in research and development as well as production facilities possible through a consistent retention policy. In this way, they sustainably support qualitative growth.

The current transformation process in the automotive industry towards hybrid, electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles has rapidly gained momentum. This is a challenge for the entire industry. For us, this means that we are constantly evolving - especially in the areas of organisation, production and innovation. Modern industry is based on reliability and flexibility. As a family business, we combine tradition and modernity. We want to continue on this path in a positive way for the next 150 years.

Heiko Pfeiffer Managing Director Handtmann Light Metal Casting / Handtmann Systems Engineering

Heiko Pfeiffer Managing Director Handtmann Metallgusswerk


150 years of Handtmann. The Handtmann Group of Companies can look back on something special. A brand that is characterised by cooperation and great cohesion. Founded in 1873 as a small, artisanal brass foundry in Biberach an der Riß, the company has developed into a globally active foundry to this day. A real success story. With 2,150 employees and locations in Biberach, Annaberg, Košice (Slovakia), Kechnec (Slovakia) and Tianjin (China), Handtmann is now the largest family-owned German aluminium foundry. Despite the current size of the company, all of them have not lost sight of the "family business" and have done so with all the consequences.

Even in the crisis periods of the past years caused by Corona, inflation, war, shortages of raw materials and energy, the Handtmann family continued to invest in the company with confidence. This was and is a solid foundation for emerging stronger from crises and processes of change. The Handtmann family has always looked to the future. This is reflected above all in the support and investments in future-oriented projects such as Mega-Casting. Let us continue to write this success story together.

Dirk Seckler Managing Director Handtmann Light Metal Casting / Handtmann Systems Engineering

Dirk Seckler Managing Director Handtmann Metallgusswerk


Challenges in the rapidly changing world always require new innovations. That's what motivates us. For 150 years. We at Handtmann also try to find new solutions every day to make our products more perfect. For 150 years.

From our perspective, the next few years will be very challenging. As the largest family-run foundry in Europe, the slogan "Ideas for the future" describes exactly our path to continue to operate successfully in the market in the future. The past has shown that we have to face the market conditions again and again in order to create good conditions for the future. To be able to operate successfully in the market in the future, we must strengthen our innovative power. That is Handtmann's strength - past and present.

Throughout the company's long history, the Handtmann family has repeatedly shown strategic vision and developed the company to such an international size. The 5th generation must continue what has been achieved over 150 years and four generations and continue the Handtmann success story for another 150 years.

Markus Ammann Managing Director Handtmann e-solutions

Markus Ammann Managing Director Handtmann E-Solutions


The generation change is another clear commitment to the transformation and consistent further development of the Handtmann Group of Companies. The course has been set, responsibility has been transferred to the next generation and new paths have been taken with the dual leadership.

I would like to thank Thomas Handtmann personally for the trust he has placed in us and for his support and backing in the sustainable development of Handtmann e-solutions GmbH & Co. KG. I wish Markus Handtmann and Valentin Ulrich a good start and that together they will boldly set out for new shores and become so many more successful chapters in the success story of the Handtmann Group of Companies!

Mark Hoffmann Managing Director Handtmann Plastics Engineering

Mark Hoffmann Managing Director Handtmann Elteka


The change to the 5th generation, combined with the 150th anniversary, is evidence of a pronounced entrepreneurial gene in the family. The Swabians are also known to have a high level of innovation. This and the firm will to develop and strengthen the group of companies has also made Elteka the world market leader in PA12 casting after 55 years. This technology was developed by Arthur Handtmann with perseverance over almost 15 years until it was ready for series production and has been expanded for another 40 years. The path of growth was rather rocky and the family needed a lot of patience and trust. Today, the business is a stable one and continues to grow through innovation. The ability to implement the growth strategy and continue to have confidence is what distinguishes the Handtmann family business.

Thomas Handtmann has shaped this path with his humane and approachable management style and his great interest in technological processes, which has influenced and enabled the development of the Handtmann Group of Companies and Elteka in particular.

This freedom is made possible by farsightedness and trust, but also the provision of the necessary resources. For me, this is a very important factor in the further development of Elteka with my team. From this comes motivation and joy

I wish Valentin Ulrich and Markus Handtmann a good start and the joy to follow this calling and look forward to further successful cooperation.

I wish Thomas Handtmann a lot of time for his family but also time for himself and look forward to exchanging ideas about new technologies, which he picks up from his numerous books. Thank you very much for the last years and the trust.

Ideas for the future - developing ideas in plastics that is our common path!


Oliver Hecker Managing Director Handtmann Process Technology

[Translate to English:] Oliver Hecker Geschäftsführer Albert Handtmann Armaturenfabrik

150 years and five generations of Handtmann. What an achievement! Congratulations from the Handtmann Armaturenfabrik! What an impressive example of lived and successful family entre-preneurship.

The Handtmann Armaturenfabrik is often referred to as the cradle of the company. After all, it was with valves for the food industry, when the success story began with Christoph Albert Handtmann in 1873. After a realignment in 2019 and 2020, the Armaturenfabrik has returned to the path of success. Without the strong support of the Handtmann family and the inexhaustible will of its employees, the Armaturenfabrik would not have been able to follow this path. In an environment characterised by global changes, it is a privilege to know that the Handtmann Holding and its diversified portfolio are a strong partner in the background. The Armaturenfabrik says thank you! Thanks to Thomas Handtmann for his support over the past 25 years and thanks to Markus Handtmann and Valentin Ulrich for continuing the entrepreneurial legacy as the "next generation". A lucky hand and the necessary bit of fortuna, will hopefully be a constant companion for them on this way! I am convinced of it!